Alexander ‘Alex’ Holden: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

alexander alex holden

Sacramento Police Alexander "Alex" Holden.

Alexander “Alex” Holden is a missing Amazon manager from Sacramento, California whose parents are both judges in Missouri.

His body has now been found at a river’s edge in Sacramento. Although the cause of death is still unclear, authorities don’t suspect foul play at this point.

Holden was last seen in Sacramento on New Year’s Eve. A major search effort has been launched to find him. He has seemingly vanished without a trace. A post on Reddit claimed he was last seen walking from the corner of 22nd and I streets headed toward Natomas at 2:30 a.m.

He’s originally from Missouri. “I’m excited about my budding career as a young urban professional in the American economy,” he wrote with one Instagram post about his new life in California.

“We do know that he’s not in the hospital, he’s not in the jails, he’s not deceased that they know of because nobody’s been shown up,” his father, Judge Calvin Holden, told Fox News.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sacramento Police Have Solicited the Public’s Help in Finding Alexander Holden, Who Reportedly Was in an ‘Argument’ Before He Vanished

Alex Holden

Alex Holden

The Sacramento Police Department wrote on its Facebook page that it “is asking for the community’s assistance in helping us locate a missing person. 25 year old Alexander Holden was last seen on December 31, 2019.”

Police described Holden as 6 foot 1 and 190 LBS with brown hair and brown eyes. “He was last seen wearing a tan pullover as pictured below in the first picture. He was last seen in the Downtown Sacramento area.”

They wrote that “Holden’s disappearance is uncharacteristic and family is concerned for his welfare. If you have any information on Holden’s whereabouts please call 911 or the Sacramento Police Department Dispatch Center at 916-808-5471.”

A person on Reddit wrote, “Couple of us have location sharing already set up with Alex before he went missing, the issue is his phone went dead at one point at the night and have zero traces of his last known location. He also deleted Snapchat sometime ago. We are going to keep trying and work to see what solutions we can come up with his phone that might be on his person.”

The Reddit poster indicated that Holden “got in an argument late at night and said he was going to walk to an old home in Natomas to sleep there. He’s done the walk / run before; following the Sacramento Northern Bikeway.” It’s not clear who he was arguing with or about what, however.

Alex’s girlfriend Kennedi Perri wrote on Facebook, “Please bring my sweetie home safe. I pray and I pray for a safe return home. Alex, I love you more than you know ❤️.”

Kennedi Perri told KY3 that Holden was drinking before going for a walk after an emotional talk. She told Fox News that Holden “headed for a walk to a friend’s house and would spend the night there… Perri believes his cellphone died as he was walking toward the Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail.” She described him as a marathon runner familiar with the trail.

She wrote in another post: “I am shocked and saddened to be sharing this. My significant other, Alexander Holden went missing around 2:30 am Tuesday morning 12/31 NYE in Midtown Sacramento, California after he left our apartment. If you have any information please message me, and continue to share. Really, hoping and praying and wanting him home safe. I love you so much sweetie.”

Spencer Bei, 17, also went missing on New Year’s Eve in Sacramento County. There’s no indication of any connection, though.

2. Both of Alex Holden’s Parents Are Judges

judge Calvin holden

Judge Calvin Holden

Alex Holden is the son of Greene County Judge Calvin Holden and Associate Judge Margaret Palmietto, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

“He has no history of disappearing,” his father told the newspaper. Judge Holden’s Facebook page says he lives in Springfield, Missouri and is from Birch Tree, Missouri. “It’s very unusual,” said Judge Holden to KY3. “You know he missed work this morning which is extremely unusual. He’s very consciences about his work.”

According to Your Missouri Judges, Judge Holden was appointed circuit judge in 1996. “In this role, his judicial assignments have included circuit felony criminal cases and juvenile judge on termination of parental rights matters. He was previously an attorney in private practice. Judge Holden received a B.S. in political science from Missouri State University and a J.D. from Drake University,” the site explains.

“Judge Holden is a member of The Missouri Bar, the National Transportation and Safety Highway Administration, the National DWI Committee and the Missouri Drug Court Commission. He has been faculty for the National Judicial College and a presenter for the Missouri Judicial Education Conference. Judge Holden is active with KSMU, Ozark Food Harvest and Venues Church. He is also a Birch Tree Senior Citizen Volunteer.”

As for Holden’s mom, Your Missouri Judges says: “Judge Margaret Palmietto was appointed to Division 22 of the 31st Circuit in 2015. In this role, her judicial assignments have included criminal hearings, as well as associate and circuit civil cases, landlord tenant matters, small claims cases and exparte order of protection review and hearings. She also approves decisions of the Family Court Commissioner in Family Court One. Judge Palmietto was previously an administrative law judge and chief administrative law judge in The Missouri Division of Workers Compensation Springfield Adjudication office. Judge Palmietto earned a B.A. from Missouri State University and a J.D. from the University of Missouri.”

Alex Holden’s mom.

The newspaper added that Alex’s girlfriend reported him missing.

3. Holden Is an Amazon Manager

According to his Facebook page, Holden is a manager at Amazon. His father confirmed his employment to the News-Leader. He says on Facebook that he studied Economics at William Jewell College and lives in Sacramento, California.

His most recent visible post on Facebook came in October when he shared a news story on Eliud Kipchoge setting a marathon record. In high school, he was active in debate, according to posts on Reddit.

He also posted photos that showed a positive life. “I am on a deck in a suit,” he captioned one. His Instagram page shows him driving a Mercedes in Yosemite and running marathons.

“hope he is found safe. he is one of my managers at work so heres hoping to seeing him back at work,” wrote a co-worker on Reddit.

4. People Offered Well Wishes on Social Media

People who know Holden or his parents took to social media to express concern.

“Sharing on behalf of my friend Calvin Ray Holden. His son Alex is missing. Please keep them in your prayers,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

A friend wrote on Reddit, “Alex is my little brother’s best friend. He was always hanging out at my parents’ house growing up.. very smart man.”

A former classmate wrote, “I actually graduated with Alex and it’s sad to see stories like this. His dad is a judge in our local community and cant say I’ve ever saw him pick a fight with anybody he was never the type to intimidate anyone. Hoping he is found safe though.”

5. Holden’s Parents Have Been in the News Before

Holden’s dad has been the focal point of some controversy in Missouri. Me Too Springfield, which advocates for sexual assault survivors, once accused him of having a “well-known reputation for giving lenient sentences to those convicted of sexual crimes,” according to the Springfield News-Leader.

That was in September and Judge Holden said that people should look at the facts of each case and refused to resign. One of the cases causing controversy was that of Joseph Meili, who received probation from Judge Holden despite being accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl.

“I worked in the courts with Judge Holden. I’m so upset for him. He’s a really good guy,” wrote one person who commented on a story about Alex disappearing.

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