Shaylyn Moran & Jack Doherty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

shaylyn moran jack doherty

Facebook Shaylyn Moran and Jack Doherty

Shaylyn Moran and Jack Doherty are a newly engaged couple accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend’s mother with a 3D printed gun before Doherty splashed a bizarre post on Facebook gloating about them being “shooters.”

Doherty, 23, of Albany, and Moran, 18 of Pawtucket, are being held without bail pending a bail hearing. Both are being held on charges including first-degree murder. They’re accused of shooting Cheryl Smith to death on New Year’s Day in Rhode Island. Moran posted about becoming engaged to Doherty on New Year’s Eve.

The tattooed couple plastered their social media accounts with bizarre comments and photos.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Doherty’s Facebook Page is Filled With Photos of Weapons & the Post After the Murder Calling the Couple ‘Fighters’ & ‘Shooters’

jack doherty

The post shortly after the Smith murder.

Doherty’s Facebook page is under the name “Gothshooter Santana III.” From the start, it’s disturbing; his profile photo shows him pointing a gun at the camera. Another profile picture shows him giving a middle finger to the camera.

The picture posted shortly after Smith’s murder reads: “we some fighters and some shooters??” and appears to show the couple in bed and showing off finger tattoos.

He also posted the recent following statement, “aint no buford n*gga I will catch n*ggaz.” And, “I just want to thank everyone for showing love and positivity on these holidays. Every little bit helps and your contribution is noted.”

FacebookA post showing the couple on Facebook.

It’s not clear what he was talking about. He also shared a post, on January 1, 2020 that isn’t visible anymore and wrote, “hell nah i went beastmode last night #Bloody ?????”

That same day he shared a photo of a woman’s hand with the word GIRL tattooes on her fingers and wrote, “thats Mr Gothshooter to you ???”

“She said yes,” read another January 1 caption with a heart.

On December 31, 2019, he posted a photo of a selfie with a person pointing a gun at him and wrote, “bloody boy santana.” That same day he shared a CBS News story about Baltimore becoming the first city monitored by police surveillance planes and wrote, “its over lmaooooo imma raise my fam in france or some shit ?????.” That same day he added, “i love my baby so much she is the brightest thing in my life. pure love ❤?”

He also posted photos of drugs.

A photo on Doherty’s Facebook page.

Other recent comments include:

“i cant wait till i go to vegas so i can play the SLATT machines.”

“whom gon smoke this blunt w me ?? peep comments???”

“wen i look at a n*gga who just mad af at everything im just like yoga and firearms..”

“that glock be under my pillow every night without fail ??”

“step off the plane i need the glock when i land young gothshooter”

“they say weed stints your growth but i think mids makes u taller explain jamaicans ?”

A photo on Doherty’s Facebook page.

“run in that b*tch and start shooting”

Other posts showed knives. His profile says: “you turn every situation into heaven ?” and says he’s CEO at “Bad B*tches Only,” lives in Syracuse, New York, and is single.

2. Police Say Cheryl Smith Was Shot Several Times in the Chest

Shaylyn Moran

Shaylyn Moran

Police in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, said they found the body of Cheryl Smith, 54, at a home along Baxter Street around 8:15 p.m. on New Year’s Day. She had been shot several times in the chest and was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to WPRI.

Detective Sgt. Christopher LeFort of the Pawtucket Major Crimes Square told Daily Beast the murder weapon “does appear to be 3D-printed” and added, “It’s the first one I’ve seen used.”

The pair was arrested at a Hampton Inn, and Doherty is accused of rushing at a police officer, who took him down to the ground, according to The Providence Journal.

The victim was described to the Providence Journal as a nice woman who went to work every day for a community-service agency.

3. Moran Wrote About a Recent Murder Case & Being ‘Psycho’ on Facebook

Shaylyn Moran

Moran had a Facebook page under a fake name, Griselda Blanco, on which she said she was engaged. She shared a post on that page on January 1 that was of a graphic reading, “Me when I’m in a relationship. He’s mine and I’m psycho.”

That page contains comments like, “2020 if it ain’t weed I ain’t touching it ??‍♀‍” It indicates she got engaged to Doherty on New Year’s eve.

The page contains comments like, ‘Ain’t no mommy this daddy that b*tch I get my own ?”

She wrote about her ex a couple times. On December 30, she claimed, “My ex loves tryna make me sound toxic , this n*gga literally was the only person I trusted at 15 and when I told em I got raped he told me he didn’t give a f*ck & that’s what I get for f*ckin someone else ??? but ok.” On December 27, she wrote, “Once somebody cheat on me bruh I can’t , like cannnnoooot I get too disgusted b*tch I was posed to be ya everything ??”

Shaylyn Moran Facebook post

Shaylyn’s main Facebook page is filled with selfies showing off her facial piercings and tattoos. “hell is gonna be lit,” she wrote with one selfie.

Her cover photo says, “Let’s open pandora’s box,” and shows a little girl opening a box to show demons inside. Other photos show anime style characters with weapons. Other photos show drawings of skeletons.

In July, she shared a news story from England of a 10 year old girl being asked to send a topless picture on a gaming app and commented, “I will literally murder someone like this scares me so much having a niece and nephews.”

She shared a news story of President Donald Trump saying he planned to end birthright citizenship and wrote, “Getting really sick of this dude.”

Other comments on her page: “My anger is so bad I burnt my makeup brush because my makeup wouldn’t come out right ):” She shared a news story about a man shooting up a party after no one would sing happy birthday to his girlfriend and wrote, “I need a real one like this.”

Shaylyn Moran

Shaylyn Moran

In July, she shared a news story headlined “dad of man accused of killing Bianca Devins once threatened to cut wife’s throat, kill her.” Moran wrote, “They better not justify his scum ways with this stupid sh*t ? WHO CARES WHAT HIS DAD DID OR SAID SHE WAS A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL THAT JUST GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL THIS PAST JUNE AND WAS STARTING COLLEGE IN SEPTEMBER, AND HE JUST COMPLETELY SLAUGHTERS HER OVER AN ARGUMENT , so much to live for I’m just so sick of this world man.”

She added in anther post, “I’ll never get over Biancas story and I didn’t even know her ? I’m sick.”

Bianca Devins, 17, of Utica, New York, was murdered on July 14 by a suspected killer who was possibly fueled by a jealous rage. Photos of Bianca’s body were posted on social media after her death by the suspected killer, a 21-year-old New York man identified by his family as Brandon Clark, who also goes by Brandon Kuwaliski.

4. Police Say Moran Used to Date the Victim’s Son

Shaylyn Moran

Shaylyn Moran

What’s the motive?

Moran is linked to the victim through her son. Police told Providence Journal she used to date him, naming the son as Leonard Troufield, 21.

In October, Troufield was accused of domestic abuse related battery after an incident in which he was the “primary aggressor,” police told the newspaper.

They told the newspaper that Troufield was at the residence when his mother was shot and killed.

5. People Filled the Pair’s Facebook Page With Angry Comments

Jack Doherty

People expressed anger on the comment thread on their Facebook page. “You shot a 60 year old woman. Wow you are so gangster. Could you have chosen a more gangster victim? Cowards,” claimed one.

“lol who shoots a old lady? and brags about it,smfh,” wrote another. “Loser,” wrote another comment thread writer, more succinctly.

“Y’all weird as hell for killin a 54 year old woman , then posting this. Obviously not very smart lmao. And anyone who says free them u a weirdo too. Now he better hope she don’t snitch on him cuz they just met ?,” claimed another.

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