Travis Kelce Lauds Patrick Mahomes’ Preparation for Super Bowl LIV

Travis Kelce has a guess on how much Patrick Mahomes' contract extension is valued. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs are just days away from playing their first Super Bowl in 50 years. Naturally, one would assume they’re quite nervous. That’s certainly warranted. However, Andy Reid’s men are ready and tight end Travis Kelce briefly spoke about the feeling of running onto the field at Hard Rock Stadium for the first time on Sunday.

“I’ve never been in this situation,” Kelce said to’s Tom Pelissero. “I think it’s fun to be in this moment knowing that everyone’s been dreaming of being here. But, I thin it’s going to be different and don’t want to think too far ahead, keep my game plan for the week and we’ll see what happens Sunday.”

When asked about star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his ability to meet expectations, Kelce had nothing but positive sentiments regarding the reigning NFL MVP.

“It’s Magic Mahomes, man. His preparation, builds into his confidence and how comfortable he is going into a game. He’s been preparing for this one for the past two weeks like none other.”

The Chiefs, who ESPN believes have a 65% chance of winning Sunday’s contest against the San Francisco 49ers, are undoubtedly filled with confidence of their own. During their final media day availability, Kelce also spoke to that.

“We’ve got all the confidence in the world. These guys in this room, the coaching staff, the game plan, we’d be silly not to believe it. It’s gotten us this far and we pretty much know what we’ve got to do in order to win the ball game.”

Roger Goodell Also Praises Mahomes

Mahomes is not just receiving high remarks from his teammates. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also piled on the compliments for the Texas Tech product.

“Patrick Mahomes anywhere in the NFL is good for me,” Goodell said in Miami ahead of the big game.

“I have to tell you that not only is he an incredible player, but he is an incredible young man. Wherever he plays in the NFL, he’s going to have an impact and I’m proud to have him as a Kansas City Chief.”

Commish added that Mahomes represents a new generation of quarterback talent raiding the league.

“Eighty percent of the games in 2019 featured at least one starting quarterback under the age of 27, the most in our history,” he said.

With the endorsement of highest ranking official in the league, Mahomes can only get better from here.