Buddy Carr & Celia Sweeney: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

buddy carr

Mugshot/LinkedIn Buddy Carr and Celia Sweeney.

Buddy Carr was a Spartanburg, South Carolina man who is a person of interest in the death of a once missing woman named Celia Sweeney.

Both Carr and Sweeney were found deceased in a home in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Sweeney died of homicide, blunt force trauma to the head, according to WSPA-TV. It’s not clear what Carr died from. His full name was Buddy Allen Carr, and he was 32 years old.

Sweeney’s death remains under investigation.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Had Reported Sweeney as a Missing Endangered Person

The City of Charleston Police Department had reported Sweeney as a missing endangered person in a statement on February 29, 2020. The missing person poster reported that the City of Charleston PD was “currently looking for Celia Sweeney (28 years old)” and said she was “considered to be endangered.”

Police released a description of her car, which was a 2003 blue Audi, and said it was last seen in Charleston, SC. Police later reported, “Ms. Sweeney’s vehicle has been located.”

Then, her body was found.

According to WCVB, Sweeney is “a native of Scituate and also lived in Weymouth at one point.”

2. Carr’s Facebook Page Indicated He Served in the U.S. Marine Corps

buddy carr

A photo on Carr’s Facebook page.

On Facebook, Carr wrote that he was from Little Chicago, South Carolina. “Pronounces name SEKS-ay BEEST,” he wrote. He posted a picture showing him in a Marine Corps. military uniform. People thanked him for his service on the comment thread.

In 2018, he wrote, “Uh-oh look out….SPARTANBURG, My brother and I out on the town and ready for it!!!”

Carr had a previous arrest for meth.

3. Carr’s Facebook Page Indicated Ties to the Hell’s Angels

On Facebook, Buddy Carr indicated that he had lost a loved one named Blinky, writing, “I’ve never missed anyone as bad as I miss you brother. I love you! we are going to ride again bro!” He shared a 2017 post in which he wrote, “My brother Blinky…words can never truly convey how much I love you and will miss. What an incredible impact you made in my life and ill never be the same without you. See you in the helmet my brother!! AFFA BLINKY HELLS ANGEL, NOMAD SC.”

He also posted pictures of motorcycles. He posted a picture of a motorcycle that read, “This bike belongs to a Hell’s Angel.” People offered him congratulations on his comment thread. That was in 2016.

He also shared a graphic that referred to “prospecting” for a motorcycle gang. One of his posts was anti-police, suggesting that people speak to the police as little as possible.

4. Sweeney Wrote That She Was an Executive Assistant

celia sweeney

Celia Sweeney

On LinkedIn, Sweeney wrote that she was “Executive Assistant to the CEO at Magellan Jets.” Her page also said she was from Scituate, Massachusetts. She wrote that she held that position since 2015.

Before that, she worked as a “Client Satisfaction and Sales Manager” for Cochran Auto Detailing for just over a year. She described her duties as, “Maintains sole responsibility of entire customer experience from initial contact to final interaction. Effectively communicates client concerns and specific expectations to team personnel and dispatch accordingly. Creates estimates based on client description of services required, amending when necessary to attain superior level of service through sales. Coordinates potential service capacity with all customer appointments for client convenience. Ensure quality of product produced meets client standards.”

She was also previously an Office Coordinator for SolarTint Inc. in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

“Independently managed daily operation of business,” she wrote. “Established and maintained all customer relationships and interactions from introduction to delivery and acceptance.”

5. Celia Studied Criminal Justice in College

celia sweeney

Celia Sweeney

Gina Scialdone wrote on Facebook, “Celia, I can’t believe this. I really can’t accept that you are gone. I hope you know I love you more than anything in this world and I will see you again someday. Please know Raider and Khaleesi are safe and you are so loved. Until we meet again. ? love, your best friend.”

Celia’s LinkedIn page said she had a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Curry College. She listed her GPA as 3.65 and attendance dates as 2009-2013. She wrote: “Graduated Magna Cum Laude 2013. 8 Consecutive Semesters on Curry College’s Dean’s List.”

Meanwhile Carr’s LinkedIn page said he had worked as a designer, drafter, and tile installer.