WATCH: Elizabeth Warren’s Dog Bailey ‘Eating His Feelings’ Goes Viral

Getty Senator Elizabeth Warren, husband Bruce Mann and dog Bailey

A few hours after Senator Elizabeth Warren suspended her presidential campaign, while all her constituents were still processing the knowledge that America would not have a female leader of the free world in 2020, no one realized that her dog, Bailey Warren, might be taking the loss harder than anyone.

In a video shared on Twitter Thursday afternoon, Warren’s golden retriever, whom the Massachusetts senator received as a gift from her husband Bruce Mann nine weeks into her presidential campaign, stole someone’s burrito on March 5, and chowed down as if he was “eating his feelings.”

It was a relatable moment for all Americans who were excited to vote for Warren come November, and the video quickly went viral. Within an hour, the clip garnered nearly half-a-million views.

The dog was named after the main character in the classic holiday film, It’s A Wonderful Life, and no matter a person’s political opinion, stole the hearts of everyone he met over the past few years.

Back in January, when senator Warren was forced to miss a scheduled meet-and-greet in Iowa due to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump taking place in Washington, her husband and Bailey stepped in to help out. Bruce told The Washington Post afterward that it was very clear that everyone attending the event wanted a picture with their dog, not him. “As you can see,” he joked, “it’s all paws on deck.”

Bruce also referred to Bailey as their new good luck charm. “Within 24 hours, the Des Moines Register had endorsed Elizabeth,” he said. “You be the judge: correlation or causation. But I think Bailey is a natural closer.”

The Reactions To Bailey’s Burrito Video On Twitter Were Both Hilarious & Heartfelt

Not one person on Twitter seemed to believe Bailey deserved punishment for stealing a staffer’s burrito. In fact, most users online believed he earned the treat, and was handling the news of Warren suspending her presidential campaign better than most humans.

One user online tweeted, “Bailey said “Campaign’s over no more ‘cute’ eating.” Another Twitter member shared, “Bailey is tired of the civility discourse and understands that direct action gets the goods.”

Now, that the campaign is over, many joked about how Bailey no longer had to pretend” to be a “good dog.” Ashley Esquedo tweeted, “tbh Bailey deserves that burrito.”

CBS Sports analyst Amy Trask made it clear she had Bailey’s back in the matter of the stolen burrito. She tweeted, “I represent Bailey and I write to advise anyone who wishes to prosecute or otherwise discipline my client that I shall vigorously defend Bailey’s rights and that we will seek damages (perhaps in burritos) should they do so – clearly, this is entrapment – and hi.”

Bailey Has His Own Fan Twitter Account

This is not Warren’s dog’s first time stealing the media spotlight. Bailey became such a beloved pup that he has his own Twitter fan account, @FirstDogBailey.

Over the past four years, Bailey’s fan account has amassed nearly 30K Twitter followers.

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