Jeff Lowe’s Zoo Instagram Shows You Where the ‘Tiger King’ Star Is Today

Jeff Lowe Instagram

Oklahoma Zoo Instagram

Jeff Lowe doesn’t appear to have his own public instagram, but he is featured prominently in the Instagram account for his new zoo, called Oklahoma Zoo. Lowe’s whereabouts in 2020 are the topic of great discussion, after his role in Tiger Kingone of the biggest docu-series of the year, released on Netflix. Lowe was depicted as the partner, friend, and adversary of Joe Exotic, the central subject of the docu-series.

At the end of the show, Exotic was in prison, and Lowe was working on rebranding their old zoo, Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, into the Oklahoma Zoo, though documentary filmmakers hinted at future arrests for other people involved in the various illegal activities depicted in the show, from tiger breeding to murder-for-hire plots.

Here’s what you need to know about where to find Lowe on Instagram, and what he’s up to:

Jeff Lowe Features Prominently in His Zoo’s Instagram Account

It appears that Lowe is still living as a free man, as of March 2020. He and his wife, Lauren, are depicted in the Instagram account for their new zoo, Oklahoma Zoo, which is set to open in October.

Lowe has not commented on the veracity of Tiger King, or said whether he agrees or disagrees with how he was depicted in the show.

With that said, Lowe appears to endorse the Netflix show on the Oklahoma Zoo account. In one January post, which shows Lowe being interviewed by one of the Netflix filmmakers, the caption reads, “Getting a new facility built and filming a #netflix series at the same time!”

The account also wished Lowe a happy birthday on Nov. 16. Beyond that, most of the posts contain captions comprised of nothing more than hashtags.

Still, much can be surmised from this account. For example, it’s clear that the zoo continues to expand with additions like “Oscar” the sloth, and that Lowe appears to be based in Oklahoma, still, working on the zoo.

In a Facebook post, Lowe has previously explained why he decided to change Greater Wynnewood Animal Park to Oklahoma Zoo.

“We think it’s best to let this zoo die with Joe’s conviction and not make the next generation of animals to live here forever suffer his outrageous behavior and reputation,” he wrote. “There is SO MUCH MORE to be revealed about Joe and his crimes against animals, and we don’t want to be associated with him any longer.”

You can stay up to date with Lowe’s life by following the Oklahoma Zoo Instagram account. 

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