The Singing Dentist Milad Shadrooh Covers ‘Ice Ice Baby’ for Coronavirus

Singing Dentist

Facebook The Singing Dentist, Dr. Milad Shadrooh.

Dr. Milad Shadrooh is a dentist from the U.K. known as “The Singing Dentist.” He has recently posted a parody cover of Vanilla Ice’s famous song “Ice Ice Baby,” changed to fit the coronavirus theme. The video, which was posted on Thursday, March 19, has been viewed over 4.5 million times on Facebook alone.

According to The Singing Dentist’s Facebook profile, his aim is to “bring some fun into dentistry but also to help people get some oral health messages and education in a fun way.” He is a real dentist who does “all types of general dental work and [treats] people of all ages.”

His latest parody, to the song “Ice Ice Baby,” is available here:

Virus,,,,,, BabyMy new parody chatting about the Corona outbreak! It’s scary times out there so I’m trying to raise some awareness and bring some smiles at the same time! Stay safe everyone!!2020-03-20T07:24:09.000Z

The Singing Dentist Is Clear That the COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Serious Situation & He Is Not Making Light of It

At the end of the video, he adds a personal message explaining his decision to do a coronavirus parody video. He says, “look, obviously my job is to try to make everybody smile, try and be positive and be entertaining. But this is serious times, okay so I’m not making light of this.”

He says coronavirus “is a serious thing, there’s lots of people out there that are affected, there’s lots of people out there that have already lost their lives to this, so we have to be mindful, we’ve got to stay safe, follow all the guidance.”

He points out that “the guidance is changing all the time, so I’m not gonna give you some advice now because I don’t know when you’re gonna see this video and things may have changed already. The key is we gotta stay safe alright, and I know we’re gonna get through this.”

The Singing Dentist has a lot of other parody covers posted online, including Save Your Teeth, a parody of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, Sweet Eater, a parody of “Cheerleader” by Omi and Filler, a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

This Isn’t the First Coronavirus-Related Parody of a Famous Song

This isn’t the first parody song that’s been made about COVID-19. In fact, many musicians have shared coronavirus versions of their own songs. On March 21, Neil Diamond posted a coronavirus-themed version of “Sweet Caroline.”

In the new version, he sings “hands, washing hands, reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”

Liam Gallagher of Oasis shared a series of videos on his Twitter where he’s washing his hands singing a different Oasis song with a COVID-19 theme. He posted Wonderwash, a new version of “Wonderwall,” Soapersonic instead of “Supersonic” and changed “Champagne Supernova” to Champagne Soapernova. He finished most of his videos with the phrase, “wash your hands, you little f***ers.”

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