‘Nobody Wants Dasani Water’: Coronavirus Meme Spreads

Dasani Water

Getty A case of Dasani bottled water.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of people to be quarantined or in self-isolation. A lot has changed in the U.S. in just the past week due to the pandemic. All major sports leagues have been canceled, the U.S. has restricted entry from dozens of countries, a national emergency has been declared, and most states have banned public gatherings with over a certain amount of people.

In the last week, photos and videos of empty toilet paper shelves in shops and supermarkets around the world went viral. People have started panic buying and stocking up on all essentials in case they need to go into lockdown or isolation. Because of all the empty shelves in stores and shortages, people have started pointing out the items that no one wants to buy anyway. Humorous memes have started circulating of the groceries people aren’t interested in. One of these seems to be Dasani water.

Dasani Water Seems to Be the Only Water Left on the Shelves in Many Locations

Bottled water is one of the items in high demand right now, even though people can’t contract coronavirus from tap water. Social media is flooded with pictures of empty shelves with only Dasani water left. People are also commenting on their dislike of the product and their lack of surprise at the situation.

One user wrote: “No water here but Dasani. Even in a ‘crisis’ nobody drinking that trash a** water.”

This user wrote: “Coronavirus is getting real. Debating if I should die of thirst or get Dasani water? Hmm.”

Mark captioned his images: “This is the only water Walmart has left. Proves Dasani is a**.”

The caption reads: “Water at my grocery store getting cleared but the dasani still sittin.”

Another user joked: “Currently feeling like a Dasani water bottle.”

In addition to sharing images of the situation, memes have also started about Dasani water being left behind.

The caption reads: “Dasani owner seeing its water is the only one left on the shelf during [coronavirus pandemic panic buying].”

The caption reads: “All Walmart got left is Dasani and their great value water…it’s really over.”

The user joked “me at the grocery store when all they have left is Dasani water.”

Some Other Items Have Found Themselves on the List of Products No One Wants to Buy

In addition to Dasani water, there are other grocery products that seem to be unappealing to people, even while panic buying.

One user wrote as the caption for chocolate hummus being left on the shelves at Trader Joe’s: “Somehow reassuring in the midst of coronavirus shopping frenzy to know that people still have the sense *not* to buy [chocolate hummus] and buffalo hummus.”

One Michigan grocery store showed that vegan meat alternatives were the least popular on the shelves, with many left behind on otherwise empty shelves.

However, another user showed that pork was the item getting left behind at his grocery store, where everything else was nearly all empty.

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