LPB Poody Shot: Orlando Rapper Wounded in Shooting

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Robert Lee Perry Jr., an Orlando rapper better known as LPB Poody, was wounded in a shooting last night that left his friend dead. According to the police, a shooting on Saturday night in the Carver Shores neighborhood of Orlando left one dead and three injured. Detectives have said that the person killed is Dexter Rentz Jr., a senior and football player at Ocoee High School who had recently signed for the University of Louisville.

The details of the shooting are still unclear, although people are speculating on social media that it was a drive-by shooting and that it took place at a gathering of some sort. The police have said in a media briefing that their investigation it still ongoing. It occurred just blocks away from the Universal Orlando Foundation’s branch of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida as well as the Orange County offices of the Florida Department of Health.

The Person Killed in the Shooting Has Been Named as Dexter Rentz Jr. & LPB Poody’s Condition Is Unknown

The Orlando Police Department confirmed that the victim killed in the shooting was Dexter Rentz Jr., an Ocoee High School senior who was to play for the University of Louisville in the fall. Rentz had just signed with the university and was expected to visit their campus on May 10 for his official recruitment visit.

During the police press briefing, they said one person is in serious condition but expected to survive, and the other two people injured are not in life-threatening conditions. Police did not provide more information on LPB Poody’s condition, and did not provide the identities of the three people injured. Heavy reached out to the Orlando Police Department for more information but did not immediately hear back.

A lot of people are discussing LPB Poody’s condition on social media, since he is a well-known rapper in the Orlando area. One person posted:

The post reads: “Prayers to popular Orlando rapper LPB Poody who was reportedly shot last night along with his friend who died.” Another user posted: “What happened to LpB Poody?” Another tweet reads: “Prayers up for lpb poody hope he pull through.” One person posted: “I hope that lpb poody news fake.”

LPB Poody Was Born Robert Lee Perry Jr. in Orlando, Florida & Has Been Releasing Music Since 2016

LPB Poody, whose real name is Robert Lee Perry Jr., is a native of Carver Shores, West Orlando. LPB stands for Light Pole Baby, which represents having to fend for himself from a young age and being raised up on the streets. He said it’s similar to a light pole which is also raised on the street. According to his Spotify biography, he fell in love with music and performing from a young age.

He is well known for songs like “Kill the Beat,” “No LOL’z” and his latest release, “Address It.” He released his debut album Streetz Callin’ in 2018. On Spotify, he has over 80,000 monthly listeners.

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