Marcus Lehman: Meet the Anesthesiologist from ‘Labor of Love’

Marcus Lehman, Labor of Love

FOX Marcus Lehman, Labor of Love

Marcus Lehman is the doctor in the house on new FOX reality TV series Labor of Love, where 15 men vie for the heart of Kristy Katzmann, who is looking for the future father of her children.

The show’s premise is that this isn’t any old dating show — this one wants people who are ready to start a family. So Katzmann is 41 years old and her suitors range in age from 36 to 46. Here’s what you need to know about Lehman.

He is a Former Survivor Contestant

INTERVIEW: Survivor Gabon's Marcus LehmanA game change last night on "Survivor" shifted the balance of power, as the two tribes swapped players, instead of merging. That made for a bad prescription for Marcus the doctor.2008-11-11T15:54:53Z

Lehman is no stranger to reality TV. In the fall of 2008, he was on Survivor: Gabon, the 17th season of the CBS reality series. He was eliminated ninth, right before the tribes merged. But he must have participated in some Survivor alumni events over the years, because Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, who won season 24 and most recently appeared on “Winners at War,” has been commenting on his Instagram ahead of the Labor of Love premiere.

Lehman Is an Anesthesiologist

Marcus Alvarez Lehman is a board-certified anesthesiologist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. According to his Doximity profile, he attended Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, for both med school and his residency. He also interned at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Lehman attended Harvard University for his Bachelor of Arts in anthropology, then Northwestern University for a Master of Business Administration before going to medical school. He graduated from med school in 2007, then earned his Georgia state medical license in 2008 and his Ohio state medical license in 2012.

His Instagram also says that Lehman is a triathlete who is “striving to be plant-based,” so he is clearly into health and wellness.

Marcus Lost His Sister Amalie in 2005

On his Instagram, Lehman talks about his older sister Amalie, who died on October 6, 2005. In the most recent post about her, Lehman wrote, “On the day we lost my sister many years ago, I feel sad and alone in a very deep way. And yet, its also my birthday: a time of being with loved ones in the activities and places that make us celebrate the joy of life. Thank you to you all, to you that were, and to you that will be. Let every day be an excuse to ask ‘How can I’ support, build, and grow the good things in the world! Dum vivimus vivamus.”

What happened is detailed in a piece by about Marcus and Amalie’s mother, Amalia Alvarez, raising money for a scholarship to be made in Amalie’s name. According to Alvarez, Amalie had borderline personality disorder, which was diagnosed when she was 22. Five years later, she had an argument with her boyfriend and swallowed a bottle of pills.

Amalie called 911, was hospitalized and eventually stabilized. But the next day, her blood pressure dropped and she lost consciousness, then died a few hours later.

In a post from National Sibling Day in 2018, Marcus wrote, “Apparently it’s National Sibling day. Thankful for Amalie, though the last picture I have will always be from 2005 (and FYI I hate being older than you now, plus sometimes our parents are a pain to handle alone). Thankful to @sanderjoems7 for being the brother from another. Keep them close.”

Labor of Love airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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