WATCH: May Snowstorm Hits New York City & New Jersey

May snowstorm

Twitter Snowstorm hits New York City on May 9, 2020.

A May snowstorm was predicted to hit the Northeast sector of America this weekend, and on Saturday, it started snowing in New York City and New Jersey. According to NBC News, the last time New York City’s temperature dipped into the 30s in May was back in 1978.

NBC News tweeted on Friday, “Potentially historic May snowstorm headed for the northeast US and New England. In addition to snow, 75M people will wake up to below freezing temperatures Saturday. For many cities, it will be colder than it was on Christmas Day.”

New York’s residents couldn’t believe it was actually snowing during what should be springtime. The oddly timed snowstorm was captured on video by locals in New York City, New Jersey, and the Northeastern area, and shared on Twitter. One person joked, “It is snowing in May, reaffirming the planet only has like 6 good months left.”

For a snowstorm to hit in May, amid the coronavirus lockdown, and a few days after it was reported that Murder Hornets from Asia were found in North America for the first time ever, the crazy weather felt apocalyptic for many in the Northeast.

The National Weather Service said in a forecast discussion on Friday, “The unusually cold air mass from eastern Canada will be pulled southward down into the eastern U.S. behind the storm, resulting in widespread record low temperatures spanning as far south as Alabama and Mississippi on Saturday.”

According to NBC News, the Northeast, “will be colder on Saturday than it was on Christmas.” For people who live in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, or Binghamton, New York; Scranton or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; or Burlington, Vermont, it was predicted that they’d be waking up to a snow day this weekend. While Saturday morning passed without snowfall, by early evening, the freezing precipitation started to fall.

The Online Reactions To The May Snowstorm Were Hilarious

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While thankfully, it didn’t appear to be a horrendous blizzard hitting the Northeast, the shock of snow coming down in May quickly started trading on Twitter. It appeared the only thing locals could do while practicing social distancing at home during a novel global pandemic was to laugh about the absurdity of record-breaking storm hitting at the same time.

One Twitter member joked, “It’s snowing right now in NJ!! How long have we been quarantined?” Another user online lamented, “It’s May 9th. We went for a walk and it started snowing. Can the world just…stop the nonsense please?”

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One Twitter user couldn’t help but sing one of the most popular songs from Disney’s Frozen. She tweeted, “Fascinated to report that it’s snowing in the NYC suburbs. That Frozen song lyrics has never felt more relatable: I think some company is overdue/I’ve started talking to/The pictures on the walls!/It gets a little lonely/All these empty rooms/Just watching the hours tick by.”

For residents in New Jersey, the snowstorm seemed even more out of place because the sun was still out.

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