Illinois Woman’s Vacation Romance Partner Gets Engaged to His Ex-Girlfriend While Partying in Mexico

Anna Hense

Instagram/Anna Hense Anna Hense pictured on her Instagram page in May 2020.

Anna Hense, an Illinois resident, found out that a new man, Alex, she met while on vacation in California got engaged while their romance was still flourishing.

Hense posted the pair’s text exchange to her Twitter account on June 15. Hense asks the man, who she told Heavy to refer to as Alex, “What was up with your Instagram post? Engaged??” Alex responds by saying that he had been “off and on since Thanksgiving” with his ex-girlfriend. Alex says that his now-fiancee “caught wind” that Alex had been “hanging out” with Hense. He then says that his now-fiancee “said that if I don’t put a ring on it, I’d never see her again.”

Alex Said That He Is ‘Only Engaged in Mexico, Not the U.S.’

Alex went on to say that he was in Mexico with his ex-girlfriend her best friend’s birthday and that “s*** got wild the last few nights with drugs n s*** and we didn’t expect it but we just went for it today.” Alex adds that the couple is engaged in Mexico but not the U.S.

Alex refers to Hense as being “f***ing rad” and compliments her friend, Franny as being “awesome.” Hense confirmed to Heavy that Franny is her friend who lives in southern California and not the woman who Alex became engaged to. Alex also said that it was Franny who alerted her to the engagement post. He calls his life “insane” and says that he loves his now-fiancee “with everything in my heart” but that he’s “glad” he met Hense.

Another Woman Has Come Forward to Say Alex Has Been in Her DMs

Anna Hense Twitter

Instagram/Anna HenseHense pictured during her recent vacation to southern California.

At the time of writing, the post has nearly 60,000 likes. After the post went viral, Hense joked on Twitter, “Can I send them an engagement gift? Do you think that’s too much?” Hense added, “I’m still cracking up at this whole situation.” In the wake of the post going viral, a woman named Hannah Rose accused Alex of being “in [her] DMs for a full year.” Rose added, “I love LA.”

Hense, a graduate of Michigan State University, told Heavy in an interview that she met Alex at a bar named The Waterfront in Venice, California. Hense said that during the time she got to know Alex, “He mentioned an ex-girlfriend, they weren’t actually together at the time of us meeting.” Hense said that Alex’s friends backed-up his story about being broken up. Hense also said that Alex had older photos of him with his now-fiancee on his page but that she did not think much of it.

Hense told Heavy, “He doesn’t owe me anything, like we weren’t gonna date, I don’t live her,” but that she was still “shocked.” Hense also said that people have been responding to her post by saying that Alex is “trash.” Hense said, “He’s not trash because of what he did to me because he didn’t do anything wrong to me. It’s this other chick. It’s the dramatic swing from wanting to hook-up with whoever to wanting to get married.” Hense acknowledged that open and polyamorous relationships are common in California but that Alex never mentioned that he was involved in anything like that.

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