WATCH: Does Viral Video Show Minnesota Police Arresting an FBI Agent by Mistake?

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A video has gone viral that some on social media think shows police in Minnesota arresting a black FBI agent by mistake. However, it turns out that the video actually was recorded a year ago, and the man who originally posted it, who uses the handle “This is Nike,” has retweeted multiple comments saying the man in the video is not an FBI agent. Others who know the man say he’s not an FBI agent, although it’s not clear what he does for a job. The police do let him go after seeing his ID.

A Twitter user named Nia Clara says she knows the man in the video. A person asked what the man in the video does for a living, and she wrote that the man in the video is “not an agent. Maybe our mutual friend who recorded this video @ThisIsNike1 can help you out with that if you’re curious.” Heavy has reached out to that man via Twitter for an interview.

“LOL!!!! People love making things up on this app for what?? Attention?? Ater, an FBI agent?? 🤔😂” Clara wrote. Through Twitter, Heavy has asked Clara for the name of the man in the video.

The video shows two police officers cuffing a tall black man who accuses them of engaging in racial profiling against him. “You guys are the dumbest motherf*ckers… You are stupid. I don’t know how you became a cop. Anybody can become a cop. You guys had no reason to go to college than to become a cop and harass me and assume I’m someone I’m not,” he says.

He then shows them his wallet. “Look at it. Oh what does that say. Ohhhh, oh my God. Get the f* off me dude. Call your supervisor over here. You guys are the stupidest mother*ckers I’ve ever met in my life.”

When another officer comes up, the man says, “These guys are racial profiling me. They assume someone I’m not. They assume I’m someone I’m not. I need their cards. I need your card.”

He then asks for a card, calling them the “dumbest mother*ckers. You assume someone… that’s all you guys do.”

One person who shared the video was Theo Shantonas. He wrote, “Police accidentally arrested an FBI agent after racially profiling him.” It’s been viewed more than 2 million times. Shantonas calls himself an “independent media commentator” on Twitter. He later wrote, though, “Hearing now that my source may be wrong! (The difficulties of live reporting!) After a bit of digging I’m told it is this guy on insta….possibly makes this video even better that it a regular dude that schooled those cops.”

The video was first posted by the user on Instagram called This is Nike on May 31. He says that he held onto the video for a year.

The Instagram and YouTube pages for This is Nike wrote:

“Rocheters Minnesota Police Department. Somethin’ been telling me to hold on to this video over a year now, ok. ‘Some days we make it home or some days we make it 6 feet deep.’ Imagine getting killed at home, while jogging, playing, minding your own business or just damn breathing? #BeingBlackInWhiteAmerica!! This incident happened a year ago. The Minnesota police department been corrupt. Can’t even smoke a damn cigarette in peace. @theshaderoom @cnn @goodmorningamerica @worldstar Share and post!! Enough is enough!! #minneapolis #minneapolisriots #twincities #rochestermn #blacklivesmatter #policebrutality #policeofficer #racism #racialprofiling @shaunking @troubleman31 @realdlhughley @nickcannon @amandaseales @dailymail @theyoungturks ‬@Marclamont.

(Note: There is a city in Minnesota called Rochester.)

This is Nike’s Twitter page also posted the video. The account has retweeted multiple tweets in which people say the man in the video is not really an FBI agent. For example, “I don’t know how him not being an undercover fed erases the fact that he was racially profiled. what’s your agenda here?” and “Because hes not… they released him coz his i.d wasnt the person they were after. They all knew who they were after, police and the homies” and “This man is no FBI Agent as @Thisisnike1 is stating over and over again.”

Here’s a longer version of the video.

Black FBI agent arrested by white police officers, see what happens at the end.See what happened when White police officers received a phone CALL, went & arrested a Black man whom they did not know was an FBI AGENT on duty. Tous ensembles contre le tribalisme, l'injustice sociale, la xenophobie, le racisme et la discrimination de toute sortes. Please, like and share, together let's say NO to injustice,…2020-06-01T10:49:22Z

In the longer version, the man engages in a lengthy conversation with a police officer, saying the officer is harassing him. The officer grabs his arm.

“You got the wrong guy. I’m under arrest for what?” he says. “Matter of fact look at my ID.”

“I’ll take both of you mother f*ckers right now.”

He said he was going to file a report on them.

“We’re allowed to go up and talk to somebody,” an officer tries to explain. “Once he figured out who you were he unhandcuffed you,” says the supervising officer who showed up.

“Leave, leave,” the man says. “I will make a complaint on all three of you guys. Do your job better.”

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