Jessi Smiles & Gabbie Hanna Twitter Feud: Timeline & Explanation

Jessi Smiles

Jessie Smiles/Gabbi Hanna

Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna are former Vine stars who used to be friends and are now publicly feuding on Twitter. Their friendship publicly dissolved in 2019. Then, on Monday, June 22, it reignited in public. Here’s a breakdown of the timeline on their friendship and ensuing feud.

The feud between Smiles and Hanna has been ongoing for several years now. It began in the midst of Smiles’ 2014 rape allegation against her ex-boyfriend, vine star Curtis Lepore. Smiles claimed she woke up to Lepore having sex with her in 2014. Lepore eventually took a plea deal in Feb. 14. Smiles tweeted of the plea deal when it happened, “Curtis plead guilty to a felony assault today in court. It is no longer going to trial. I am okay with this and thankful for it to be over.“

Years later, Smiles alleged that Hanna tweeted her support for her ex-boyfriend during his trial. The tweet has been a source of major controversy, with Hanna denying she ever tweeted something in support of Lepore, and Smiles insisting she did.

The feud between the two former friends restarted publicly in earnest on Monday morning, when Hanna shared an hour-long video in which she addressed her various tenuous relationships, including her feud with Smiles.

In response, Smiles tweeted a video screenshot showing a text message conversation between her and Hanna. In the conversation, Smiles repeatedly asks Hanna if they can speak with one another, and Hanna reiterates that she isn’t ready to have that conversation, for both professional and personal reasons.

Here’s what you need to know:

Timeline of the Erupting Feud Between Smiles & Hanna on June 22

The feud between Smiles and Hanna was publicly reignited on June 22 when Hanna posted an hour-long podcast episode, in which she addressed her issues with Smiles. At one point, Hanna called Smiles a “narcissistic abuser.”

Later that day, Hanna tweeted, “i offered a private convo to both jessi and alx and was met with harassment and threats after politely asking for a few days to get our emotions leveled out, and bet a mediator. it went on for days and i realized it was never going to be a productive conversation.”

Hanna added in a subsequent tweet, “this is about me breaking a years-long cycle of mental abuse, harassment, defamation, blackmail, and toxicity from someone i had a 6 month friendship with in 2014-2015. enough.“

In response to that tweet, Smiles tweeted a video screenshot of her text conversations with Hanna. She wrote, “I’m gonna be a HUGE hypocrite right now and post our conversation because I have no clue how you can lie with such confidence. I took you up on that private convo, was calm and cordial, and you said I threatened you.”

Here’s the tweet:

Following Smiles’ tweet of their conversation, Hannah shared a YouTube video called “THE UNTOLD SIDE OF GABBIE HANNA,” which defends Hanna within the context of her feud with Smiles.

Hanna tweeted with the video, “HOLY SH*T??? i- i never thought i’d see the day someone would try and find the truth. i’m so overwhelmed. but for once, in a good way. wow. THANK YOU, and thank you for acknowledging that u had it wrong in the past. THAT is real journalism. holy f*cking wow.”

Here’s the video:

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