WATCH: Police Car Hits Protesters In San Diego; Fire In Oakland

Police SUV san diego

Twitter/@pmnewb The seconds before a police SUV hits a pedestrian during George Floyd protests in San Diego, California.

The West Coast has erupted in a spate of firey protests following the death of George Floyd.

New video shows a moving squad car hit and drag a pedestrian in San Diego, California, as they cross the street during protests overnight.

The incident comes in the wake of the death of Floyd, who died last week in police custody. Riots that began in Minneapolis, where the event occurred, quickly spread across the U.S.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested last Friday on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Video emerged on Twitter in the early hours of this morning of the moment a police vehicle drove through a crowd at 6th and Broadway as the protester frantically tries to stop the car. A protester in white can be seen waving their arms, standing in front of the car as the driver honks the horn.

The car then continues to advance, dragging the protester along with it on the hood of the vehicle.

It follows a chaotic weekend of violence across America, including instances in New York where police squad cars hit several pedestrians. Viral video emerged over the weekend showing squad cars ramming into barricades in the city and knocking people down.

Preliminary reports also emerged this morning from an NYC emergency alert account that a New York police officer was hit by a car amid protests:

CNN reported that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has appointed two people to be in charge of an investigation into the NYPD following the incident.

In new video from protests in New York over the weekend, a woman can be seen being beaten with batons by NYPD:

National Guard Shoots Man In Kentucky

Marvis Herring and Stephon Dingle of WLKY reported that the National Guard had fatally shot the owner of a BBQ restaurant on 26th and Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky:

Dingle said the Louisville Metro Police Department was trying to clear a large number of people from the area when someone opened fire. Several people of interest were currently being interviewed, according to LMPD:

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad confirmed that “both the LMPD and National Guard returned fire” when they moved at midnight on Sunday to a market parking lot at 26th Street and Broadway to maintain order.

The name of the man who was shot and died has not yet been released.

Historic Washington Church Set On Fire, National Guard Called Out In Boston & Washington

The National Guard was called out in Boston and Washington. NY1’s Samantha-Jo Roth reported “unreal” scenes where the nation’s capital was “on fire in every direction.”

Numerous Washington landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski Statue in Freedom Plaza, were defaced with graffiti overnight.

A fire was set in the basement of historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, according to The Washington Post.

Equally chaotic scenes were witnessed in Boston. Video shows the moment the National Guard advances down Boston’s Beacon Street. As one protester is vacating the area, she is thrown to the ground by a police officer:

Boston Police issued an alert early this morning confirming seven police officers had been hospitalized overnight and 40 people had been placed under arrest:

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he was “angered by the people who came to our city and chose to engage in acts of destruction and violence.”

The Boston Police said the “time for protesting is over,” and “individuals now congregating and committing crimes in Boston need to vacate the area and leave our city.”

In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy deployed an additional 1,200 soldiers to assist police in the District:

Fire Breaks Out in Oakland & Police Fire Non-Lethal Bullets

Dramatic video was posted of an apartment building engulfed in flames on Lee Street in Oakland, California, as protests grow across the West Coast.

Explosions were heard and it was reported that police were firing non-lethal rubber bullets into crowds outside the SAFE Credit Union Convention Centre and the intersection of 15th and J Street in Sacramento.

According to CBS Sacramento, there was “damage to every building on South Street,” and an ATM was stolen from Wells Fargo:

Developments in the Midwest overnight saw a state of civil emergency declared in Davenport, Iowa, and reports came in from KWQC News’ Courtney Spinelli that two people were killed in the area, one at a Walmart, while a police officer was shot in a non-fatal incident:

In Chicago, large fires were reported as ongoing at Walgreens and also at the Dollar Tree near South Jeffery Boulevard, with aerial shots by WGN reporter Jessyca Malina:

More updates will be posted as the ongoing story develops.

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