Sean Harding: Gay Film Star Explains Reason for ‘Lady G’ Comments on Twitter

Sean Harding Twitter Pictured: Sean Harding, a gay film star.

Sean Harding has gained thousands of followers in the last 24 hours, after accusing a prominent official of hiring over 100 sex workers. No national media outlets have verified Harding’s accusations. There is also no evidence that the official has been legally accused of any the crimes Harding has accused him of.

Harding has 93,000 followers on Twitter. His feed is extremely graphic, which he warns people about in his pinned tweet. His feed is also filled with political statements of support for civil rights efforts. Harding’s name appears to be his alias, and not his legal name.

At one point, Harding tweeted an explanation for why he’s surfacing these “Lady G” accusations now. He wrote,

To address attacks, this isn’t some revenge story, a personal “attack” against anyone, or a petty fued. This is about bringing justice to individuals who keep escaping justice and think they are above the law. It’s time to remove corrupt forces in our government & save democracy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harding Calls Himself a Gay Porn Model, & a Gay Adult Film Star; His Feed Is Extremely Graphic

Harding’s bio describes him as a gay adult film star, and offers information for his Venmo, Cash App, and Just For Fans website. After gaining thousands of followers after his accusation, he tweeted a series of tongue-in-cheek remarks, including one that acknowledged “Sean Harding” isn’t his real name. The film star tweeted, “Had to discuss the situation with super conservative family and tell them who Sean Harding was. It wasn’t easy”

In another tweet, Harding wrote, “I have gained a lot of followers over the Senator tweet – just a heads up, I am a gay adult film actor – don’t be shocked if you see hardcore gay porn pop up on your feed. 😂”

Harding was born in Chicago. His career started in 2018. According to his bio on Gay Hot Movies, he is “minimally pierced,” and has performed in videos across 25 categories.

Harding Is a Vehement Supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement

In addition to tweeting about a prominent Republican official, Harding is outspoken in his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He frequently tweets his support. His banner bio reads, “Black Lives Matter.”

In one tweet, Harding wrote of someone else’s response to the movement, “If you get caught making racially insensitive things please don’t go this route like it absolves you. Get involved, challenge your beliefs, have uncomfortable conversations, change/work on yourself. Don’t do this.“

At other points, Harding has called out other gay film stars for their apparent racism, and frequently highlights the homophobia of other Twitter users.

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