Washington DC Woman Thrown in Dumpster in Disturbing Video


Instagram The woman identified as stonelover43 on Instagram

Earlier this week, a shocking video showing a young woman getting thrown into a dumpster went viral on social media. The incident occurred in Washington, DC, on Monday, June 15, according to the woman’s account of the incident posted on Instagram.

Metropolitan Police Department in DC told Heavy in an emailed statement that they’re aware of the incident and the Criminal Investigations Division is looking into it but no further information is available at this time.

The entire video was posted to YouTube:

The video begins with the woman, identified only as Diva on social media, talking to one of the men while his friends laugh and say “Blow him a kiss.” Only a few moments after, two of the friends grab the woman and run her over to the dumpster as several other friends laugh and cheer them on. The woman is seen laughing and putting her hand on the side of the dumpster to stop from being thrown in, but they simply lift her legs and throw her in.

The group of friends all laugh and shout while the woman lies in the dumpster. At first, she’s laughing nervously along with them but soon starts to cry. The video ends so it’s unclear what happened afterward. The men in the video haven’t been identified.

A DC Stylist Tracked Down the Woman & Gave Her a Full Makeover

Many people were shocked when they saw the video and tried to identify the woman. An Instagram user with the username @chefgee14 found the young woman, identified by the Instagram username @stonelover43, and contacted her. She posted on June 19 that she organized for the woman to get a full makeover with the help of the D.C. community:

She wrote as the caption: “The last time yal saw @stonelover43 on my Page she was covered in Trash inside the Garbage earlier this week!!! In My City #DC. I’ve been in contact with her non stop ever since that day!!! Me and my girls got together #Today and gave her a complete makeover!!! Thanks to @meccaonamission1 For doing her hair last minute‼️ @cha.londa For slaying her face‼️ And @sweetfaces204 @darealchingyeyes For picking out the clothes we bought together‼️”

She also added in the caption that the woman was “so full of joy” during the 6-hour makeover and made the group of women laugh and cry. She finished her post by saying: “I just want her to remember what I told her!!!! YOU ARE A QUEEN AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY‼️ #BLACKLIVESMATTER #CHEFGEE.”

The Woman Posted on Instagram About the Fake Fundraiser Pages Pretending to Be Her

On June 17, Diva posted on Instagram a screenshot of people wishing her well after the incident and she added the caption: “The guys how did the sh*t making fake fund me page don’t fund none of them.” Later that day, she posted a longer message:

View this post on Instagram

Thanks u guys

A post shared by stonelover (@stonelover43) on Jun 17, 2020 at 4:11pm PDT

The image text reads: “Thank you guys so much for your support, it means soo much to me during this trying time. I just want to let you guys know that it means A LOT. No one deserves to be treated like I was regardless of the situation. This situation really opened my eyes and I am currently taking time to find myself and self love.”

She also said that Instagram is her only social media profile she’s using and to avoid all other pages since they’re not her. The post finished with her sharing her cash app and saying: “I thank you guys so much for your kind words and generosity, you all have really uplifted my spirits.”

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