Woman Shot Trying to Steal Nazi Flag on a Dare

Alexander Feaster

Garfield County Sheriff\'s Office/Getty Alexander John Feaster Booking Photo.

A 26-year-old woman was shot four times but is expected to recover after acting on a dare to steal a man’s Nazi flags from his yard in Hunter, Oklahoma.

According to news station KFOR, the woman was at a late-night party Saturday night across the street from where Alexander Feaster lives and flies Nazi flags.

It was around 3 a.m. when she took a dare from friends and made her way over to Feaster’s house to steal the flags. As she was running back across the street with a flag, Feaster shot her four times with a rifle, according to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jody Helm told KFOR, “On the way back someone hollered gun. She dropped the flag at the end of the driveway and shots were fired.”

A Hunter resident, who asked not to be named, told Oklahoma News Outlet the Enid News & Eagle, that she was friends with the woman who was shot and stayed with her until emergency responders got there.

According to News9 Feaster went back inside his house after the shooting.

Helm told KFOR the woman was found lying in a ditch and said, “The female had multiple gunshot wounds, so my deputies rendered aid to her.”

Neighbors Say Feaster Had Flown Nazi Flags For a Year But They Had Never Seen Violence From Him

A neighbor who heard the gunfire in the middle of the night told KFOR they weren’t sure if it was guns or fireworks, but they “figured out pretty quick it was gunshots.”

According to the neighbor, Feaster keeps to himself. He started flying the Nazi flags about a year ago but there hadn’t been any previous violence coming from the man. The neighbor has also seen Feaster wearing all black with a red swastika armband, they said, but other than his outward display of Nazi symbolism, Feaster was relatively friendly.

“It’s never really been a problem,” the neighbor told KFOR. “His flags got stolen a couple times when he first put them out but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it’s ever come to violence. He’s been out mowing neighbors yards and just smiling and waving at everyone.”

Another Hunter resident told The Enid News & Eagle that even though there had been no previous problems with Feaster, “I feel like these flags are a disaster waiting to happen,” she said.

It Is Not Yet Known if There Will Be Charges Against the Woman For Stealing the Nazi Flag, But Feaster Is Facing Felony Charges

Feaster was booked into the Garfield County jail and charged with shooting with intent to kill and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He is being held without bond, according to the Enid News & Eagle.

Possible charges against the woman who attempted to steal the flags will be decided by the district attorney.

News9 reported Sheriff Helm said they got a  warrant to search Feaster’s home and found 14 weapons along with some ammunition.

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