John Edward Robinson Today: Where Is The Convicted Serial Killer Now?

Kansas Department Of Corrections John Robinson

Today, John Edward Robinson remains on death row in Kansas. According to a state inmate search, the 76-year-old is serving time at the El Dorado Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison, in Butler County, Kansas, where he has been since 2006.

In 2003, Robinson was found guilty for three murders committed around the Kansas City area. He received the death sentence for two of the murders and is suspected in at least two other killings. ABC reports that Robinson is appealing his death sentence.

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Heather Robinson Learns She Is Lisa Stasi’s Daughter

In 1985, 19-year-old Lisa Stasi and her 4-month old daughter vanished without a trace.

In 2000, near his Kansas farm, Robinson was arrested after a woman filed a sexual battery complaint against him. His arrest, and a subsequent fingerprint test, led then 16-year-old Heather Robinson to the realization she was, in fact, Lisa Stasi’s daughter, born Tiffany Stasi.

In the words of ABC, “John Robinson’s case as a serial killer broke wide open when he was arrested in 2000 for allegedly sexually assaulting one woman and allegedly stealing sex toys from another woman.”

During a police search of Robinson’s property, they found the bodies of Beverly Bonner, Sheila Faith, and Debbie Faith.

Heather Robinson subsequently learned that she was being raised by the family of the man who killed her biological mother. During a podcast interview with her adoptive father, Heather learned that her adoptive parents received a call one night from John, who claimed that a woman killed herself in a hotel room and that the baby was available for adoption. During the interview, Heather’s adoptive father said that Lisa was “probably bludgeoned to death literally the day that kid is handed over to Don.”

The body of Lisa Stasi was never found.

Today, according to a previous Heavy article, Heather is married and a mother, herself. She has founded a podcast and an organization called “The Lisa Stasi Effect” in order to help find uncover the truth about her mom. She also has a Youtube channel for her podcast.

Robinson’s Death Sentence Was Upheld in 2015

In 2015, The Kansas City Star reported that the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Robinson would remain on death row after receiving “a dozen appellate claims stemming from Robinson’s 2002 trial in Johnson County.”

The court did, however, throw out his two capital murder convictions and a first-degree murder conviction.

The ruling did not affect Robinson’s Missouri convictions. It read, “The state presented ample evidence that Robinson lured his victims with promises of financial gain, employment, or travel; exploited them sexually or financially; used similar methods to murder and dispose of their bodies; and used deception to conceal the crimes, including phony letters and e-mails to victims’ friends and family members.”

At the El Dorado facility, where he is housed today, Robinson has received two disciplinary citations: one for disobeying orders in 2019, and another for undue familiarity in 2016.

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