WATCH: Long Island Anti-Masker Threatens Supermarket Employee

Long Island

Twitter/Fifty Shades of Whey A Long Island anti-masker threatened a grocery store employee over mask-wearing, according to a viral video.

A Long Island anti-masker threatened a grocery store employee over mask-wearing, according to a viral video reposted by Fifty Shades of Whey. The women’s name wasn’t immediately known, but the Twitter account said the incident occurred at a King Kullen in Massapequa, Long Island.

Heavy reached out to King Kullen for a statement but didn’t immediately hear back. The person who originally shot the footage wasn’t immediately.

The Anti-Masker Says ‘Don’t pull your Communist bulls*** on me!’

The video, which has been viewed more than 20,000 times, starts with a shopper going down the aisle, and the woman can be heard screaming at the employee. “Are you kidding me?” they both yell at each other. “We live in America!” the anti-masker adds.

The audio becomes unclear as both people yell at each other, with the employee saying she was asking the shopper to put her mask on. “My mask was on!” the shopper screams.

The video doesn’t show them yet, but the employee tells the shopper to take a step back, saying, “I think you need to get out of my face.”

That’s when the shopper becomes irate. “Shut the f*** up you fat, b****,” she says. “You’re a fat f*** that’s why you work in the supermarket. That’s why you work in a supermarket, you dumb f***. I’ll beat the f***ing s*** out of you.”

The employee is shocked, and asks if the shopper is joking. “I’m not,” she says. “Don’t pull your Communist crap on me.” The worker argues back, but the shopper yells louder, reiterating, “Don’t pull your Communist bulls*** on me!”

Before the 42-second video ends, the anti-masker threatens the supermarket employee. “I’ll f***ing beat the s*** of you right here in the f***ing [store],” she says.

Some Merrick, Long Island Residents Shouted at BLM Protestors

In June, While Black Lives Matter activists were protesting in Merrick–a neighboring town to Massapequa–some residents tried to block the protestors.

“You’re not coming this way. Go three blocks that way,” one person was heard saying. “Get them the hell out of here,” another resident added.

The viral video garnered attention from actor Billy Baldwin, a former Long Island resident. “Grew up near Merrick. Lots of good people there but like many other towns on Long Island… far too many ignorant, intolerant pricks. #BlackLivesMatter,” he tweeted. “Long Island should plan their next march straight thru Merrick. PS… please identify this racist Karen.”

Kevin McKenna, who filmed the video, said he had experienced unparalleled racism in Merrick. “I saw racism like I had never seen before. My grandson is black, my daughter is the mother of a black son,” he told Heavy.

“Hearing these residents screaming at the Black Lives Matter protesters to get out of their town, and trying to stop them from working respectfully with the Nassau County Police Department to have a rally, made it very clear that something is very wrong.”

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