WATCH: Trump on QAnon: ‘I’ve Heard These Are People That Love Our Country’


During his press briefing on August 19, President Donald Trump was asked about QAnon. He said that he didn’t know much about the group, except that they like him and he’s heard that they love the United States. Read on to learn more about what he said and to see a video of that moment.

Trump Said About QAnon: ‘They Do Supposedly Like Me’

During a press conference, one reporter asked Trump about QAnon. The reporter said that the QAnon movement appeared to be gaining a lot of followers. “Can you talk about what you think about that and what you have to say to people who are following this movement right now?” she asked.

Trump responded:

Well, I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much… Which I appreciate. But I don’t know much about the movement. I have heard that it is gaining in popularity, from what I hear it seems that people, they watch the streets of Portland. When they watch what happened in New York City in just the last six or seven months, but this was starting even four years ago when I came here. Almost four years, can you believe it? These are people that don’t like seeing what’s going in places like Portland and places like Chicago and New York and other cities and states. And… I’ve heard that these are people that love our country and they just don’t like seeing it… So I don’t know really anything about it other than they do supposedly like me, and they also would like to see problems in these areas — like especially in the areas we’re talking about — go away because there’s no reason that Democrats can’t run a city.

Here’s the video of that moment.

And here’s a video showing a side-by-side as the reporter asked him the question, with a shorter clip of his response.

Here’s another clip of the full video, in case either one above is taken down.

Interestingly, there’s an even longer answer that Trump gave that isn’t shared as frequently in the media. In the full two-minute clip below, he was later asked if he was secretly trying to save the world from an elite Satanic cult of pedophiles. Trump replied, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?”

Eric Trump Once Posted & Deleted a QAnon Photo on Instagram

Just before Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, Eric Trump posted and then deleted a QAnon photo to Instagram.

The Instagram photo showed a big Q overlayed on an American flag with the words, “Who’s ready for the Trump Rally tonight?” The photo also has #WWG1WGA on it. The hashtag is a common hashtag used among QAnon followers and it means, “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Here’s what it looked like:

“Jay  Q Six” on Facebook shared another photo showing the post on Eric Trump’s Instagram page with the QAnon photo among his recent shares. He wrote: “He deleted the post. Here is his page before he did.”

It’s not clear how long it was up or if posting it was an accident, but some said it was removed a couple of hours after it was posted. You can read more about the photo that he shared in Heavy’s story here.

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