Kassanndra Cantrell Dead: Missing Washington Woman’s Body Found

Kassanndra Cantrell

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Police say the body of Kassanndra Cantrell, a pregnant Washington woman who went missing at the end of August, has been found in Tacoma. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department announced the development on Twitter, writing that Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend has been taken into custody:

A further statement adds: “The arrest follows this afternoon’s discovery of remains believed to be Kassanndra Cantrell, which were found by our detectives utilizing data obtained from the suspect’s truck. Detectives located the remains over a steep hillside along Chambers Creek Road in University Place.” 

Cantrell went missing on August 25 under suspicious circumstances, missing her first ultrasound appointment. Her car was found on August 28 in Tacoma. On August 31 and September 1, her ex-boyfriend’s home was searched by Pierce County Sheriff’s Department with forensics assistance from the FBI, Seattle Times reported at the time.

KOMO News reported that her ex-boyfriend’s name is Colin Patrick Dudley, 37. A Facebook statement by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department states that he “will be booked into the Pierce County Jail on murder charges.” Police added that the remains are believed to be Cantrell’s but the official confirmation has not yet been provided by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

This story is developing and will be updated.

Police Said a 4-Week Investigation & GPS Data From Cantrell’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Truck Led to the Discovery of Human Remains

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department’s full statement on Facebook states:

Over the past 4 weeks our homicide detectives have worked this case non-stop, conducting multiple ground searches and executing numerous search warrants. Our detectives have meticulously collected and analyzed extensive records, data, and evidence in an efforts to locate the victim and to identify the suspect responsible for her disappearance.

According to the post, they obtained surveillance video of a man, Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend, walking from her abandoned vehicle in Tacoma to a parking garage close to it. That person left the parking garage in their truck, and detectives found that the truck was also registered to Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend.

When investigators served the search warrant on her ex-boyfriend’s home and truck on September 1, they took the truck for processing. The update adds, “Utilizing GPS data obtained from Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend’s truck, this morning our detectives conducted a detailed ground search of the areas along Chambers Creek Road W. in University Place. At approximately 2:00 p.m. our detectives found a set of human remains that were wrapped and disposed of over a steep hillside along Chambers Creek.”

The remains were recovered and are “believed to be Kassanndra Cantrell (pending official confirmation from the Medical Examiner’s Office).”

Cantrell’s Family Has Been Notified & Her Mother Is ‘Heartbroken’ by the News of Her Daughter’s Murder

Kassanndra Cantrell

FacebookKassanndra Cantrell

According to a report by Q13 Fox News, Cantrell’s family had just been notified of the latest developments prior to the public announcement by the sheriff’s office. Olivia Lavoice with the network said: “Kassanndra’s mother was just notified of this and is absolutely heartbroken.”

In an earlier interview with the outlet, Cantrell’s mother, Marie Smith, said: “Every sound, I imagine that I hear her, or a door, when I doze I have these little snippets of dreams and for a second I think everything is okay that everything got fixed but then I wake up and I realize that was a dream.vBeing awake is the nightmare. All I want to do is dream, but I can’t sleep.”

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