AirHostess71 a ‘Classy but Very Naughty Flight Attendant’ Outed as British Airways Staff


Facebook/AirHostess71 AirHostess71's Facebook page.

AirHostess71 is the British Airways flight attendant who is accused of selling sexual favors online, according to various reports from the U.K.

A “source” told The Sun newspaper that AirHostess71 “is clearly prostituting herself and boosting her business by using photos taken on board BA planes. She is wearing the airline uniform and there’s no doubt she’s a stewardess. It is a shocking dereliction of duty and not the image BA wants of its cabin crew.” The Sun identified AirHostess71 as a member of British Airways’ London Heathrow staff. A British Airways spokesperson said they are investigating the claims made regarding AirHostess71. According to The Sun, another crew member said many British Airways staff have fallen on hard times due to the COVID pandemic but that AirHostess71 was bringing her employer into disrepute and endangering herself with her alleged actions.

According to the Daily Mail AirHostess71’s blog indicates she requires a $66 “securing fee” to meet up in person and the prices for services vary from there. Another listing read, according to The Sun, “If you ever want adult entertainment on-board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice.” The Sun reported that AirHostess71 sells her underwear for $33.

In One Facebook Post, AirHostess71 Says, ‘I Am Your In-Flight Entertainment. What Would You Like Me to Do?’

A Facebook page for AirHostess71 has more than 1,300 likes. The business is listed as being a spa. In one photo, AirHostess71 wrote in the caption, “Dear passenger, I am your in-flight entertainment. What would you like me to do?” The majority of the photos on that page show a woman’s legs. The photos have a watermark that reads “AirHostess71.” The first visible post on that page came on December 29, 2019.

On her Twitter page, AirHostess71 describes herself as, “A classy, but very naughty flight attendant filling fetishes, wants and needs.” At the time of writing, AirHostess71’s Twitter and Instagram pages have been deleted. You can view a cached version of AirHostess71’s Twitter page here. AirHostess71’s Twitter page was activated in October 2019.

Flight Attendants Being Accused of Prostitution Is Nothing New



In October 2017, the New York Post quoted a flight attendant from a British airline who claimed that she knew of two other attendants who were also working as sex workers. One was using her position on board to hand out her card to first-class and business-class passengers. Another flight attendant was working as a dominatrix, the Post reported.

In 2015, a flight attendant on an unnamed Middle Eastern airline was reported to have made more than $1 million while moonlighting as a sex worker, according to Emirates 24/7. The blog said that media in Saudi Arabia reported that in one instance the flight attendant charged a passenger $2,000 for sex in an airplane lavatory mid-flight.

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