Arkansas Cop Fatally Shoots Kid’s Dog After Going to Wrong House

Arkansas sheriff shoots dog

Facebook Faulkner County Sheriff's Investigator James Freeman was in Greenbrier for a sex offender compliance check but went to the wrong home, according to local media.

An Arkansas sheriff’s office investigator is under review after he was accused of fatally shooting a child’s dog while searching for a sex offender in the wrong house, according to local media.

On November 9, Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Investigator James Freeman was in the Greenbrier area for a “sex offender compliance check,” ABC 7 reported. Freeman mistakenly went to Chris Coiner’s house, where he shot the man’s three-year-old Terrier mix, the station continued.

Coiner, who recorded his interaction with the sheriff, took to Facebook to accuse Freeman of killing his dog, Clide, for “barking” on his own property. He claimed Freeman shot Clide in the head.

“Wait right there. What is your name? What’s your name?” Coiner asked the investigator in the video.

“I’m investigator Freeman with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office…I’m looking for Samuel,” Freeman responded.

“At what address?” Coiner asked. “72 A,” Freeman answered.

“That’s over there you G****** moron. Get off my property! You shot and killed my dog!” Coiner shouts back.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office told ABC 7 that Freeman is being internally investigated following the incident.

The sheriff is still currently on duty, Chief Deputy Matt Rice confirmed to the outlet.

Heavy has reached out to the department and is awaiting a response.

Here’s what you need to know:

Coiner Posted a Graphic Video on Facebook, Showing a Lifeless Black & White Dog on the Ground

Coiner, who resides at 76 Autumn Hills Road, uploaded a video on Facebook on November 9, showing a lifeless black and white dog on the ground.

The dog-owner is heard shouting obscenities at the deputy as he retreats to a dark blue, Dodge Ram truck, according to the social media video. Coiner claimed on Facebook that the truck was unmarked.

“My daughter was coming to the door and said somebody was in the driveway,” Coiner recounted to ABC 7. “Just a blue pickup, unmarked.”

“Before I was even around the corner here, I heard a shot, and the officer had shot my dog right here in the yard for barking at him,” he added. “My girlfriend watched it out the window, the dog was not attacking him, the dog was barking, in my yard, on private property.”

Coiner noted on Facebook that his daughter had been walking home from school and luckily “didn’t scare” the investigator. He also shared photos of his 3-year-old son cuddling with “his best buddy Clide.”

The dog-owner said he later learned that Freeman had already been to the correct address, at 72 Autumn Hill Road, prior to visiting his property, ABC 7 said.

“I didn’t know this at the time, but I had found out he had already been to 72 which was the right address,” Coiner expressed to the station. “He knew he was not at the right address and he shot my dog for barking at him.”

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Captain Erinn Stone confirmed to ABC 7 that Freeman was conducting a sex offender compliance check at 72 Autumn Hills Road. A person at the property then told the investigator that the offender likely lived next door (referring to Coiner’s house), the station continued.

On Facebook, Coiner Cited Another Dog Shooting Involving the Department

In a series of Facebook posts, Coiner highlighted a 2019 dog shooting involving the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

“Well here we are about a year later from when a Faulkner County officer shot somebody’s dog wrong flea in their yard there has been no policy changes no extra training there is no policy on how to treat somebody’s pet,” Coiner wrote.

Former Faulkner County deputy Keenan Wallace in January of last year shot a dog that survived, ABC 7 previously reported. The sheriff, who was recorded shooting a Chihuahua mix while answering a service call, was later fired and charged with animal cruelty, Arkansas Online added.

Coiner said he still supports the police force and is a “proud voting American,” but that he is asking the sheriff’s department to review its policies and provide further training in dealing with animals.

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