WATCH: Video Shows Fight Before Atlanta Lamborghini Death

atlanta lamborghini death video

Facebook/Getty Catherine Khan, who was ejected from a Lamborghini to her death.

A woman died after being ejected from a Lamborghini vehicle in Atlanta, Georgia, although it’s not yet clear whether she jumped or was pushed out of the luxury car. She has since been identified as Catherine Khan.

A video, which you can watch later in this article, has emerged that appears to show the fight before the woman’s death. It’s not clear how much time passed between the fight and Khan’s death. “#EXCLUSIVE video of fight that led up to a woman found dead after being thrown out of a Lamborghini in #Buckhead #Atlanta last night,” ATL Uncensored tweeted with video. However, authorities have not released whether they really think the woman was “thrown out” of the Lamborghini or whether she jumped or otherwise fell out. They’re still investigating what caused her to be ejected from the car.

The video was published by the Twitter page ATL Uncensored. Khan’s death remains under investigation, and no arrests had been made as of October 12, 2021. A Facebook group has been created to honor the memory of Catherine Khan. Her Facebook page said she had worked as a bartender.

“My daughter Catherine she had good heart,” said Noor Khan to Fox 5 Atlanta. “She had a good heart, a good soul.”

Atlanta police released 911 audio from the incident. “Someone’s got thrown out of the car right now,” a 911 caller claimed (although authorities are still investigating whether the woman was “thrown out” or jumped out. The woman was lying in the road and was injured, he said. “There was a fight…they like pushed her out” of the roof, the man alleged. “Right through the roof.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Video Shows a Woman Standing Inside the Lamborghini Yelling & Upset

The video shows several people outside a parked white Lamborghini as arguing ensues. There are two women in the video. “You can’t lie to me,” one woman shouts at a person off camera as the second woman tries to console her. She is standing inside the Lamborghini. At that point, two men walk up. The woman keeps screaming at someone off camera.

It’s not clear what the argument was over.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, police are “trying to determine” whether Khan was pushed out of the moving car or jumped out ofit, but they confirmed she was “ejected” from it.

Atlanta police wrote in a news release, “On Monday October 10, 2021, at around 11:00pm officers responded to a report of a person hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Piedmont Rd and Peachtree Rd NE. On scene officers found an unconscious adult female in the roadway. The female was taken to the hospital but died of her injuries. Preliminary investigation indicated that the victim may have been pushed or may have fallen from a moving vehicle which left the scene. Homicide detectives are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

They added, “Please keep in mind that this is preliminary information and may change as the investigation progresses.”

Khan was described as a 28-year-old woman from metro Atlanta. She “started fighting with a man,” they both got into the Lamborghini, and the argument continued, Fox 5 reported. Heavy has contacted Atlanta police seeking additional details.

Khan’s Facebook page said she was single and lived in Atlanta. You can read more about her here. A friend wrote on Facebook, “Most of you know Catherine Elizabeth Khan for being a outgoing bartender but did you know she was a very talented high level competitive gymnast? I will miss our long talks about the crazy gymnastics world that forever shaped our lives, your continued love and support and that one of kind laugh and smile. You didn’t deserve this and I will continue to fight for you and see that justice is served! Fly high baby girl, you will be with me forever!! 👼”

Another friend wrote, “Losing my best friend today hurts more then anything. My right hand, my person that I felt understood me the most , my love , my sister why you why so soon. She’s the only person that called me everyday to make sure me and g we’re good.. she was going to be my future business partner I’m at a lost of words… Catherine Elizabeth Khan was a true loving spirit she literally loved me like her blood and for me to not have a big family of my own she brought me more then enough love that I didn’t need a crew of friends she was enough and I’m just so heart broken…my baby can feel her TT gone too because she’s been mimicking my cry all day… I hate I’m so far away like I couldn’t be there for her last breath I’m normally the person she calls when she needs me im always the one making sure cat’s safe at night but we’re was I lastnight… this is a hard pill to swallow we will get justice… My Girl , My Love , My Friend👼🏼👼🏽🥺”

An Atlanta Instagram Page Says Khan Was ‘Ejected From the Vehicle’ After a ‘Verbal Altercation’


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A post shared by ATLSCOOP™🍑 (@atlscoop)

The Instagram page ATLScoop claimed in a post that a “verbal altercation broke out between a woman and a man along Piedmont Rd. in front of Red Pepper Taqueria in Buckhead last night around 10:45 PM.”

“She believed he had stolen her debit card and ID and was asking for him to return her belongings. At some point, the situation escalated and they were both inside the Lamborghini he was driving… Witnesses say he then sped north towards Peachtree. Shortly after he turned right on Peachtree (in front of Havertys Furniture), she was ejected from the vehicle and he fled.” Authorities have not confirmed those allegations.

The site added, “Witnesses say they waited with her— and some attempted CPR— until an ambulance arrived approx. 20 minutes later. She was taken to Grady where doctors sadly couldn’t save her life. Detectives say it’s too early to know if the victim was pushed out of the Lamborghini or maybe jumped to escape the fight. Please contact APD if you have any info. Check back for updates.”

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