WATCH: Biden Thanks the Country for Electing Him in a Twitter Video

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Twitter Biden tweeted a video thanking the Americans who helped him become the president-elect.

President-elect Joe Biden released a video thanking Americans for helping to elect him as the 46th president of the United States, as both Decision Desk HQ — which called the race for Biden November 6 — and the Associated Press — which called the race for Biden November 7 — have concluded that he won enough Electoral College votes to pull out a win.

The win also made history with the first African-American and Indian-American woman in California Senator Kamala Harris becoming vice president of the United States.

President-Elect Biden Says He Is ‘Honored’ to Have Won the Presidency

Perhaps as a subtle nod to Georgia, a state which is expected to help put Biden over the top in electoral college votes, Biden’s video featured a montage of American cities and people as the Georgia-born Ray Charles’ “America the Beautiful” played in the background.

It was a tense couple of days for President-elect Biden, who ran for president during one of the most politically polarized and unique elections ever held in the United States, due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden wrote this as part of his post of the video:

“America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.”

Harris herself tweeted a video, captioned “We did it.”

According to the DDHQ results posted yesterday, Biden won 279 electoral college votes, having reclaimed the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that Trump won in 2016. The Associated Press has Biden even more in the lead with a win in Arizona and a total of 290 electoral college votes to Trump’s 214.

Americans All Over the Country Have Been Celebrating Biden’s Win

🔴 LIVE! Times Square New York City Biden Epic Win Celebration November 7th 20202020-11-07T17:19:03Z

People posted videos of Times Square in New York, at times called a “ghost town” because of people following stay-at-home orders with coronavirus cases spiking, full of masked people hugging, cheering and dancing in the streets.

Douglas Emhoff, whose official title has yet to be determined (although some are calling him “Second Gentleman”), tweeted an image of him hugging Harris, captioned “so proud of you.”

The Hill also posted people in Philadelphia celebrating Biden’s win on Twitter and people in Madison, Wisconsin were setting off fireworks, according to a tweet from reported Katie Dean.

Others even tweeted that they were happy to have two “first dogs” again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted, “We kept the republic! Congratulations to Joe Biden on his victory for the soul of our country. Congratulations to Kamala Harris for making history. It’s a time to heal and a time to grow together. E Pluribus Unum.”

Others were more also in their celebrations. Stacey Abrams lost a close congressional race in Georgia in 2018 due to voter suppression and responded by spending the next two years organizing one of the biggest voter registration and voting drives in the state’s history; news outlets like the Boston Globe even credited her for helping produce Biden’s projected win in Georgia. Abrams tweeted, “Georgia, thank you. Together, we have changed the course of our state for the better. But our work is not done. Join me in supporting @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff so we can keep up the fight and win the U.S. SenateRightwards arrow”

President Trump, who has refused to concede the election, released a statement accusing the states that he lost of massive voter fraud and of not allowing Republican election observers access to the polls. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud or that Republican observers were not allowed to access polls.

Ben Rhodes, a former deputy national security advisor and frequent Trump critic, tweeted, “As bad as Trump looks now, he – and everyone who worked for him and enabled him – will look far, far worse to history.”

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