Bryan Kohberger Body Cam Video Released by Indiana State Police

bryan kohberger body cam video

Indiana police Screenshot from the Bryan Kohberger body cam video.

A body cam video featuring Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger was released to Heavy by Indiana State police on January 3, 2023. You can watch the body cam video later in this article.

A second body cam video was also released to WTHR by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana on December 15, 2022.

According to Fox News, the FBI asked Indiana authorities to make the traffic stops so they could get video images of Kohberger and his hands as they tracked Kohberger and his dad across the country as they drove from Idaho to Pennsylvania together.

Kohberger is the University of Washington criminology graduate student who is accused of knifing four University of Idaho students to death in the early morning hours of November 13, 2022, according to previous Moscow, Idaho, police statements on the deaths. Those statements named the victims as Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, and Xana Kernodle.

Washington State University has now removed its graduate student listing that once contained Kohberger’s photo and name, writing, “We stand in sympathy with the families of the victims of this horrible crime and remain dedicated to the pursuit of justice.”

Kohberger, who was arrested in Pennsylvania at his parents’ home, is not fighting extradition back to Idaho, according to CNN. According to CNN, he appeared in Pennsylvania’s Monroe County Courthouse on January 3, 2023.

Heavy reached out to Indiana State Police for the video and additional details, and the spokesperson sent a download link for the body cam video by email.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Body Cam Video Shows Kohberger & His Father Being Stopped by an Indiana Trooper

According to a tweet from Fox59 journalist Max Lewis, the body cam video shows an Indiana State trooper who pulled over Kohberger and his father, Michael Kohberger, along I-70 near Indianapolis, Indiana.

The video obtained by Heavy shows the trooper walking up to the passenger side of the white Hyundai Elantra on December 15, 2022. Kohberger’s father was sitting in the passenger seat, and Kohberger was driving the vehicle. Another video shows the traffic stop from the trooper’s dashcam:

The trooper asked for a license and suggested the Kohbergers were following another vehicle too closely, the video shows. It’s hard to hear some of the conversation, but, at one point, Kohberger’s dad said his son was a student at Washington State University.

A Hancock County Sheriff’s Department officer had also stopped the Kohbergers only a short time before, so the trooper let them off with a verbal warning after accusing them of following too closely behind another vehicle, according to WTHR.

Kohberger’s attorney, Monroe County Chief Public Defender Jason LaBar, told CNN that Kohberger “is eager to be exonerated of these charges and looks forward to resolving these matters as promptly as possible.”

He also told CNN that Kohberger’s dad had driven with him from Idaho to Pennsylvania after the murders so Kohberger could be with the family for the holidays. “His father actually went out (to Idaho) and they drove home together,” he told CNN.

Moscow, Idaho, Police Were Seeking a White Hyundai Elantra in Connection With the Homicides

bryan kohberger parents

WSU photo/MugshotBryan Kohberger.

Moscow, Idaho, police had been seeking a white Hyundai Elantra like the one Kohberger is driving in the body cam video in connection with the Moscow homicides because a similar vehicle was seen on video in the area around the time or the murders, according to their website.

The students were stabbed to death, according to the Moscow, Idaho, police website. “Autopsies were conducted on November 17th. The Latah County Coroner confirmed the identity of the four murdered individuals and their cause and manner of death as homicide by stabbing. The coroner stated the four victims were likely asleep, some had defensive wounds, and each was stabbed multiple times. There was no sign of sexual assault,” that website, which gives a chronology of the accusations, says.

Kohberger’s father Michael Kohberger is married to his mother Maryann, according to public records obtained by Heavy. In a press release first obtained by TMZ, the Kohberger family released a statement through the Monroe County public defender who is representing Kohberger, in which they said they “will love and support our son and brother.”

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