Christiane Louise: Arrest in Death of Mercy Overwatch Voice Actress

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Globo Christiane Louise

There has been an arrest in connection with the death of Mercy Overwatch voice actress Christiane Louise, who was murdered in Brazil.

According to NME, she voiced Mercy “in the Brazillian voiceover for Overwatch,” Cortana in Brazil’s Halo series in Brazil, and Marge in the Brazilian version of The Simpsons.

NME reported that Christiane Louise, 49, was murdered in her home after being slashed in the leg and neck, and economist Pedro Paulo Goncalves Vasconcellos da Costa is accused of the crime.

One fan described Christiane Louise as “massively known voice in the gaming community, RIP.” Wrote another, “D*** it… Cortana, Mercy, so many memories with those characters… the way she could make you feel just by a change in tone.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Christiane Louise Was Murdered With a Goblet, Reports Say

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According to Globo, which is a Brazilian site, the RJ Civil Police “arrested economist Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, 27, on suspicion of murdering the voice actress Christiane Louise de Paula da Silva, 49 years old.” The article was dated August 14, 2021.

Investigators told Globo that the victim was killed inside an apartment in Ipanema, “in the South Zone of Rio, and the body was found in Grumari, in the West Zone.”

Globo gave graphic details of the crime, alleging that the economist had confessed but claimed self defense. “He claimed he had killed Cristiane Louise with a broken goblet, first cutting the voice actress’s leg and then the woman’s throat,” the news site reported, adding that the pair were friends who met in a psychiatric clinic. He was taken in by Christiane after having a crisis, the news site reported.

According to Globo, his mother is accused of helping him in conjunction with the crime, and the victim “was found in a vegetated area of ​​Praia de Grumari, in the West Zone. The voice actor’s body was wrapped in plastic bags and sheets.”

A Friend Described His Soul as ‘Bleeding’ & Fans Offered Tributes on Social Media

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Another voice actor confirmed her death on Instagram. The translation reads, “It is with my bleeding soul that I announce the departure of Christiane Louise. I love you forever, Zinha.”

People offered tributes on social media. “as a mercy main when i started playing overwatch, may the valkyries guide you to the heavens above Christiane Louise (mercy’s voice actress), rest in peace,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Sad to hear about the tragic passing of talented voice actress #ChristianeLouise . Rest in peace #HeroesNeverDie,” wrote another. “Rest In Peace Christiane Louise the voice actor of Mercy from overwatch and Cortana from halo,” another wrote.

Another Twitter tribute read, “The world has taken another member of the overwatch voice actors. I’m not sure how a few of my friends will handle it… MY HEROES NEVER DIE! Rest in Peace Christiane Louise.”
Another fan wrote, “This is just messed up on what happened how dare he for what he did for mercy’s Brazilian voice actress this just makes me mad Angry face rest in peace christiane Louise #Overwatch #Mercy.”

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