Dana Alotaibi Video: Pregnant Hawaii Murder Victim Spoke Out About Domestic Violence

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Dana Alotaibi was an OnlyFans model and an Instagram and TikTok influencer who was stabbed to death on July 20, police say, by her estranged husband along a Honolulu highway.

Bryant Tejeda-Castillo is the Marine who is accused in Alotaibi’s death.

On social media, Alotaibi had viral music videos. One had 3 million views. She wrote about her marriage on Facebook, accused her husband of abuse in a YouTube video and was an OnlyFans model.

Tejeda-Castillo, 29, and Alotaibi, 27, were married, Honolulu police Lt. Deena Thoemmes said in a July 21 news conference. They were recently going through marital problems, she said.

On Facebook, Alotaibi wrote, “Wife To Bryant Tejeda Castillo.”

In one video on YouTube, she alleged that the military did not protect her when she reported domestic abuse.

Tejeda-Castillo is accused of second-degree murder with bail set at $1 million, according to Hawaii News Now.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alotaibi Accused the Military of Not Helping Her in a YouTube Video That Alleged Domestic Abuse

In January 2022, Alotaibi recorded a video that was posted to YouTube with the caption, “MILITARY SPOUSE – HAWAII HELP *READ DESCRIPTION.*”

She cried as she called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

“It’s haunting me, like, all the incidents that he’s hit me and done horrible things to me,” she told the hotline. “Even when I reached out for help, like nothing was done at all. And I’m thinking like, what can I do, why is he so untouchable?”

In the description, she alleged:

My husband recently got deployed to Japan. On the 3rd day he downloaded tinder and paid 124$ for tinder premium . i confronted him about it and his intentions. Ever since finding out about tinder i am completely broken. i mentioned to him about having thoughts about harming myself and feel like i need to be near my family. i asked him to buy my ticket to see my mom and he said no. i couldnt believe he said no, because he was having enough money to pay for dating apps and meet single women in japan, but not for me to fly back home because im getting severely depressed after finding out about the tinder account. i was desperate and used his money anyways to buy my ticket. once he found out i used his money for the flight he cut me off financially and took me off his navy federal account.

bryant and i spoke / planned to buy a home when he comes back in june 2022 , even had started seeking realtors, so from my understanding we were still having long term plans together.

Bryant had threatened me to get me killed if i didnt return the money back to him. he said he would provide my home address / flight details to certain people with the intentions to get me killed. i have video recording proof of that. i genuinely am scared to fly back home due to the death threats but i am having suicidal thoughts here in Marine Base Hawaii . i contacted military base police and they let CID/NCIS hear the recordings and they denied to open a case although Bryant clearly states ‘i dont care, i hope u get killed and i go to the brig.’ after me saying ‘your putting me in danger by providing that information public/certain people.’

through out my marriage Bryant has been physically abusive countless of times, hes hit me, beat me , choked me, knocked me out conscious, slammed me on the floor kicking my spine having me to seek medical help. i didnt file a report for every incident but the times i did 14 times, Military police informed his command and Bryant’s only punishment was to get sent to the barracks for a period of time.

As shallow as this sounds, at the time, every single time any physical abuse would happen, i thought Bryant would change or it would stop. i know he loves being a Marine and thinking if his command gets involved that would make the physical abuse stop. Never has his command intimated him enough to stop. I have 2 incidents where hes hit me in front of his friend, and another one where neighbors called saying i was being dragged inside the house from the drive way. My family member was visiting and Bryant put hands on m, my family member told military police this and, like always he was removed from the house, no demoting , just going back to work the next day.

im haunted at the fact that, Bryant got away with everything. His command covers for him and now with the latest threat to have me killed being brushed under the rug. its ridicious, Bryant still holds his job position. Are Marines allowed to threaten to kill their wives?

i feel scared and hopeless, if you have any advise or guidance on how to escalate this situation , please help. i cant go home because he threatened to have me killed there, i cant stay here because i literally want to die.

She had a popular YouTube channel. A sexually suggestive music video she recorded had more than 1.2 million views. In that video, she said she was Saudi.

According to Hawaii News Now, Alotaibi’s mother, Natalia Cespedes, told the television station that Alotaibi “sent her pictures and messages documenting abuse from her husband, Bryant Tejeda-Castillo.”

She believes Alotaibi would still be alive if “military officials acted on repeated requests for help,” the news outlet reported. Cespedes told the news outlet that her daughter did get a no-contact order from the military.

The two were arguing before he stabbed her multiple times, killing her, Thoemmes said.

She said police are aware of social media posts and will be reviewing documented and undocumented domestic violence incidents, she said.

The Marines told Hawaii News Now, “We can confirm that the Marine suspect’s command was engaged with both him and the victim, and were responsive to those allegations and concerns that the command was made aware of. Due to the ongoing nature of the criminal investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further on this topic.”

Alotaibi Was a Social Media Influencer Who Called Herself a ‘Marine Wife’ on TikTok & Referred to Herself as ‘Saudi Arabia’s First Porn Model’ on OnlyFans

@dana_alotaiibii #mcbh #marinebase ♬ original sound – Gorgeous Des

On TikTok, Alotaibi referred to herself as a “Marine wife.” She had more than 76,000 followers.

On Facebook, she wrote in May, “Bryant – I will always love u despite what CO FK Atkin says.”

On Instagram, where she posted sexually explicit photos, she described herself as an artist. She had 15,000 followers.

On OnlyFans, she referred to herself as “Saudi Arabia’s first porn model.” She also had a website.

Alotaibi, Who Wrote on Facebook That She Was From Colombia, Gave Hints of a Troubled Relationship

In June, a friend asked Alotaibi whether she and her husband were still together. “not after I get him Njpd again,” she responded on Facebook.

She wrote on Facebook that she was from Bogotá, Colombia. She also wrote that she lived in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii.

Her top post on Facebook is a share of her OnlyFans page.

In June, she wrote, “My husband would always tell my mom on me, BUT only his side of the story ..”

Police Say Tejeda-Castillo Stabbed Alotaibi to Death on a Honolulu Highway

In a news conference, Lt. Deena Thoemmes said that at 6:18 p.m. July 20, 2022, while in the area of Interstate H-3 west near an off-ramp, witnesses observed a male standing over a female stabbing her multiple times.

He was in possession of a knife. Witnesses pulled over and tried to restrain the male and help the victim, she said.

He fled into a brush area, where police apprehended him. He used the same knife to injure himself and was taken to a hospital, where he remains in custody, she said.

The 27-year-old victim was pronounced dead.

According to Daily Beast, Tejeda-Castillo is “a Marine stationed in Kanehoe, Hawaii.”

“He was active military,” Thoemmes said. “I believe they were here with the military.”

Alotaibi was from Virginia, Hawaii News Now reported.

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