DC Popeyes Rats Video on TikTok Leads to Restaurant Shut Down

dc popeyes rats video

TiKTok Screenshots from the DC Popeyes rats video.

A viral video on TikTok shows rats at a Washington DC Popeyes restaurant. The video has caused the restaurant to shut down.

The viral TikTok video was first posted by user blaqazzrick01, who says in the video that he delivers chicken to Popeyes restaurants in the Washington D.C. area. He took viewers behind the scenes to show the numerous rats scurrying around the kitchen of one of the restaurants. Be forewarned that the video contains graphic language.

“Food safety and cleanliness is a top priority at Popeyes. This restaurant has been temporarily closed, and the Franchisee who owns and operates this location is taking the appropriate steps to address the issue,” a Popeyes spokesperson told Heavy.

Here’s what you need to know:

The TikTok User Said He Saw 15 Rats Scurrying Around the Popeyes Restaurant


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The TikTok user said, “y’all want to see something. I deliver all raw chicken to all the Popeyes in the DC area. It’s this joint right here. It’s this joint right here. That’s some wild sh**.”

He then opened the door, saying, “we’re going in. We’re going in. Watch this sh** right here.” He then walked back into the kitchen. “This is Popeyes. Look. God da*n rats.”

The video shows multiple rats crawling around the floor and up the wall of the kitchen. “Look at them, sh**,” the man said. “Look at them mother******.”

The TikTok user said, “you still loving that chicken from Popeyes. Because these mother****** are in here…” He said he saw about 15 rats. “Daaaa**,” he declared.

The Health Department Shut the Restaurant Down After the Viral Videos


GettyIs Popeyes open or closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020? We’ve got all the details on the chicken chain’s holiday schedule below.

According to WTOP News, the video was recorded in Barracks Row on 8th Street Southeast in Washington D.C., and the Health Department has now closed the restaurant down. A DC council member was tagged on Twitter with the TikTok video.

You can search DC restaurant inspection reports here.

People praised the TikTok user on his comment thread.

“Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks for doing your part to make dining in DC safer,” wrote one.

“And now I’m done with Popeyes,” wrote another. “Thank you for sharing this. I truly hope you don’t get fired tho.”

Another person commented that the Popeyes was on “restaurant row.”

“Dang. I know Disney is pressed for sequels rn, but I wasn’t ready for Ratatouille pt. II.”

“Wow! This is a prime example why I rather cook at home.”

Asked whether he got fired, the user told people on his comment thread that he doesn’t work for Popeyes.

“Way more common in the bigger cities where the stores are interconnected on one block… thanks for reminding me to just cook at home.”

“Thank you for serving the community! You deserve a promotion and hazardous pay lol.”

“Those are probably the nuggets we be eating.”

“You got me in here cracking up! You only showing the people what is really going on behind the scenes. They need to close the whole block.”

“I’m from DC and the city overall has a MAJOR rat problem. They are all over this city.”

“I laughed out loud when you said ‘you still love that chicken from Popeyes.’”

“Won’t be eating nothing in DC no time soon.”

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