Erica Marsh Twitter Page Goes Viral With SCOTUS Tweet

erica marsh

Twitter (Erica Marsh) Erica Marsh Twitter page screenshot.

Erica Marsh is the name on a political Twitter account whose tweet about the Supreme Court’s affirmation action decision has racked up 22 million views.

The Twitter page has now been suspended.

The Erica Marsh Twitter page has a profile page that reads, “Proud Democrat: Former Field Organizer to elect President Biden. Volunteer for the Obama Foundation. (She/Her).” The page lists its location as “Washington D.C.” The account went active on Twitter in September 2022 and has 131,000 followers.

Marsh’s Twitter page has been inundated with people accusing her of racism. Some have also asked whether Erica Marsh is her real name, is a bot, a fake account, or is a parody account.

“I’m not a parody,” the Erica Marsh page tweeted. The page tweets at @ericareport.

Online records show 94 results for people named Erica Marsh in the United States. Some people on Twitter have pointed out that the name Erica Marsh is also a character in the television show “One Tree Hill.”

One Twitter page accused the Erica Marsh page of lifting its profile photo from a German consulting website, Rhinegold Consulting, which is an existing website. The Wayback Machine has a cache of that website, but the photo does not appear on it or the existing website. Heavy has written the owner of the consulting organization to inquire about the photo. Another person tweeted that accusation back in November 2022; the page has been causing a stir for months with its strident anti-conservative views.

Michael Zachrau, CEO of Rhinehold Consulting, responded to Heavy’s email asking whether he knew the woman in the photo and who it was. He wrote in an email:

Since last Friday my Twitter-Page @michaelzachrau has been kinda flooded by some dubious people (most Trumpists / altright / Putin fans etc.) claiming I am the origin of the Erica Marsh-Page., or I would control bots to influence the US election. To make it crystal clear: I do not run any bots nor anything near to this.

To your question: IDK who the person is, but my website is mirroring my latest tweets/Timeline etc. and so it could have happened that you found the pic of any person on my website. I consider myself as a moderate liberal, who is focussing on solutions and therefore willing to cooperate with moderate and ‘normal’ conservatives like Kinzinger & Co. But I do not tolerate the radical parts of the left and right.

I love the American and esp the USA, but I am more than disgusted by Trump and the Christofascists. Maybe some people in Russia and in the US can learn a lot by the German, who went so wrong in the 20th Century… I support the Ukrainian people in their self-defence against Russian aggression.

There are three photos on the Erica Marsh Twitter page, including a selfie. Reverse image Google searches of them do not turn up any other websites they are on, save for people on Twitter retweeting the page’s tweets or commenting on them.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Erica Marsh Page Tweeted That ‘No Black Person Will Be Able to Succeed in a Merit-Based System’

erica marsh

Twitter (@ericareport)Erica Marsh page tweet

The Erica Marsh page tweeted, “Today’s Supreme Court decision is a direct attack on Black people. No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system which is exactly why affirmative-action based programs were needed. Today’s decision is a TRAVESTY!!!” That’s the tweet that went viral, with many people accusing the tweeter of racism.

The page also tweeted a picture of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with the phrase “f*** you!”

The page wrote after the controversy erupted: “If anyone is a defamation lawyer who works on contingency, please DM me. Thanks.”

The Twitter page also attempted to clarify the tweet that went viral, writing,

Allow me to clarify this tweet, which is being manipulated for propaganda and misinformation by ULTRA MAGA. The intention of my tweet is to highlight that prior to affirmative action, there existed a supposedly merit-based system for Black individuals to gain admission to colleges. However, these institutions employed racial profiling to prevent Black individuals from attending under the guise of this ‘merit’ system. I want to emphasize that my statement in no way suggests that Black individuals are less intelligent than people of other races.

That led to another round of criticism in the comment thread. Chicks on the Right wrote, “Nice try, you absolute grape. Your initial gut reaction was a shining spotlight on your blatant racist belief that black people cannot succeed on their own merits – and need government intervention. You’re a racist. Everyone knows it. Own it.”

Another woman accused by people on Twitter of authoring an identical tweet to one on Erica Marsh’s page tweeted, “This is utterly ridiculous.” It’s possible to find other old tweets with the same wording, however. Some people believe the Erica Marsh page is a conservative masquerading as a Democrat to discredit liberals.

The Erica Marsh Page Tweeted a Selfie, Describing the Author as a ‘Proud Democrat’

erica marsh

Twitter (@ericareport)Erica Marsh page tweet

Critics are accusing the page of being fake. On June 4, 2023, the page tweeted a selfie, writing, “My name is Erica (She/Her). I’m a Proud Democrat who fully supports the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community, abortion with no restrictions and support President Biden 💙. I will never stop advocating for progressive causes fighting against the fascist ULTRA MAGA. RT IF YOU ARE WITH ME.”

Reverse Google searches of the selfies and photos shared by the page do not turn up anywhere else, outside of retweets from unrelated Twitter pages.

In June 2023, the page tweeted, “My name is Erica (She/Her), I’m a Proud Democrat, fully vaccinated and boosted, still wear 2 masks whenever I go out and support Ukraine 🇺🇦. I will never stop advocating for progressive candidates and causes fighting against the fascist ULTRA MAGA. RT IF YOU ARE WITH ME.”

The page has shared a video claiming to be outside Trump Tower.

In January 2023, the page wrote, “Everyone calling me a bot, got me worried that I might actually be a bot. Thank you to BotSentinel for confirming that I am not a bot.”

There is also an Erica Marsh TikTok page as @ericareport but it only shared videos of the Erica Marsh tweets.

The Erica Marsh Twitter Page Has Continued Tweeting Anti-Conservative Views

The page continued tweeting on June 30, 2023, writing, “In 2020, 74 million idiots voted for Donald Trump. Today is a reminder of how important elections are and why it is vital that Democrats turn out in record numbers again in 2024 to re-elect President Biden. The future of Democracy is at stake.”

The page also tweeted, “Do you think Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett lied to the U.S. Senate and should be impeached? Yes or No?”

The page claimed to have $17,000 in student loans in another tweet.

The page has tweeted other controversial statements, writing of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a police officer during the January 6 riots, “Ashli Babbitt f***** around and found out and got put down like the rabid dog she was. I’d like to congratulate her for going 894 days without committing an act of domestic terrorism.”

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