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LinkedIn/Fulton County Harrison Floyd

Harrison Floyd is a former United States Marine machine gunner, MMA fighter and member of Black Voices for Trump who is one of the 18 people accused in a Georgia racketeering case alongside former President Donald Trump. Floyd, who is one of two Black defendants in the RICO case, is the only defendant to be jailed, according to NBC News.

His LinkedIn page gives his full name as Harrison William Floyd. He is accused in the indictment of racketeering, conspiracy and influencing a witness.

“With over 15 years of proven experience in operations, crisis management, government, and political campaigns, Harrison possesses a comprehensive background in intergovernmental and community relations, public policy, and staff management derived from working on Capitol Hill, a United States Presidential campaign, and the United States Marine Corps,” the LinkedIn page says.

On X, Floyd wrote that his wife is named Erika, and he has a daughter named Harlan. As for his other family, Floyd shared a photo on X that says he is the son of Willie Lewis Floyd Jr. and Georgette Michelle Floyd, who have roots in Alabama and Massachusetts, respectfully.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Harrison Floyd, Who Once Ran for Congress in Georgia as a Republican, Was Denied Bail Because a Judge Thinks He Might Be a ‘Flight Risk’ Due to a Pending Assault Charge Against FBI Agents

The indictment says that Floyd is associated with the group Black Voices for Trump. He once ran for Congress in Georgia but dropped out of the race, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which described him as a Republican.

AJC described Floyd in 2019 as a former “machine gunner in the U.S. Marines,” who “had quickly emerged on social media with a string of provocative statements that gained traction with conservatives – and earned the enmity of Democrats.”

According to NBC News, Floyd was kept in jail because he was “considered a flight risk” by Judge Emily Richardson.

“There’s no way that I’m a flight risk, ma’am,” he told the judge, according to NBC News, but she denied his request for bond. He told her, “I showed up before the president was here,” NBC News reported.

According to NBC News, “Unlike the other defendants in the case, Floyd did not have a lawyer reach a bond agreement with prosecutors before surrendering.” The network said he asked for, but was denied, a public defender.

Floyd also has a pending case for “simple assault on a federal officer,” which the judge cited in denying him bail, according to NBC.

“I do find that based on the open charge against you there are grounds for bond to be denied at this point,” Richardson said, according to NBC. “So I’m going to go ahead and find that you are at risk to commit additional felonies and a potential risk to flee the jurisdiction.”

According to 11Alive, Floyd will have a full bond hearing before Judge Scott McAfee.

2. Harrison Floyd, Who Is From a Family With a Long History of Military Service, Served as Veterans Policy Director for His University & Was Selected as an Emerging Leader by Yale’s School of Management, His LinkedIn Page Says

According to his LinkedIn page, Floyd graduated with a political science degree and history minor from The George Washington University Columbian College of Arts & Sciences in 2017, graduating Cum Laude.

His page says he “served as GW Veterans Policy Director in 2016, Sigma Alpha Lambda (National Leadership and Honors Organization)Activities and societies: Served as GW Veterans Policy Director in 2016, Sigma Alpha Lambda (National Leadership and Honors Organization).”

He was selected for a 2017 “emerging leaders seminar” in finance leadership by Yale School of Management, the page says, adding that he was “selected as one of 40 professionals to participate in Yale’s School of Management intensive programing.”

Floyd’s LinkedIn page says he “has managed assets over $12 million and multiple personnel, while providing operational oversight and supervision.”

“Harrison also possess entrepreneurial leadership and knowledge in legislative affairs, public policy, coalition building, communications, and event management,” it reads.

The page says Floyd has a certificate from “Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program.”

According to Charity Buzz:

Coming from a family with a deep history of military service, Harrison grew up traveling the world before he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After 10 years of military service, he studied at George Washington University while navigating Capitol Hill. As the former Executive Director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison led the largest coalition of the 2020 Presidential election cycle. He succeeded in increasing President Trump’s support from Black Americans and helped garner the highest share of minority voters since 1960. Harrison is currently the Executive Producer of Bright News and Partner at Commonwealth International. He also serves on the advisory board of the American Freedom Fund and on the House Committee of the University Club of Washington D.C.

The page wrote that Floyd “is currently a partner at Commonwealth Holdings International, located in Washington, D.C.”

3. Harrison Floyd Was Indicted for Attempting to Speak & Speaking to a Fulton County Election Worker Named Ruby Freeman as Part of an Alleged Greater Conspiracy to Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election

The Georgia RICO indictment accuses a man named Stephen Cliffgard Lee of soliciting Harrison William Prescott Floyd, “an individual associated with the organization Black Voices for Trump,” to “assist with his effort to speak to Ruby Freeman, a Fulton County, Georgia, election worker.”

Freeman and her daughter were election workers captured in a viral livestream video that led to unverified and unsupported accusations online that they were committing election fraud. According to ABC News, in one instance people online accused them of exchanging a USB drive, but Freeman says it was just breath mints.

Freeman testified to Congress, according to ABC: “I’ve lost my name and I’ve lost my reputation, I’ve lost my sense of security, all because a group of people starting with No. 45 and his ally Rudy Giuliani decided to scapegoat me and my daughter Shaye, to push their own lies about how the presidential election was stolen.” ABC News reported that Freeman had to leave her home because of threats.

The indictment describes how Floyd and two other people attempted to speak with Freeman, calling these overt acts allegedly furthering the racketeering conspiracy.

Cliffgard stated to Floyd that “Freeman was afraid to talk to Stephen Cliffgard Lee because he was a white man,” the indictment alleges.

On January 3, 2021, Lee, Floyd and Ye’s publicist Trevian C. Kutti placed phone calls and sent text messages, it says. Floyd called Freeman twice but was unsuccessful and then called Kutti, the indictment says, adding that he called Kutti and Lee several more times.

Kutti was recruited by Floyd to travel to Atlanta from Chicago and caused a person to pick her up at a train station for the purpose of attempting to contact Freeman, the indictment says.

Kutti then traveled to Freeman’s home and tried unsuccessfully to contact her, it says, adding that Kutti and Floyd spoke with Freeman together, Floyd by phone and Kutti at a police precinct. They told Freeman she needed protection and “purported to offer her help,” the indictment says.

Lee, Floyd and Kutti are accused of soliciting Ruby Freeman to engage in false statements and writings, and engaging in misleading conduct toward her by stating she needed protection, the indictment says.

Floyd has defended himself on X, writing, “The receipts dont lie, and the best is yet to come.” He has also written of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, “The Thomas family has dealt with these racist attacks, with grace and class, since his confirmation. Lib dems HATE conservative black men because we break their narrative. They cant make all of us look aggressive, predatory or deplorable.”

4. A Defense Fund for Harrison Floyd Accuses DA Fani Willis of Victimizing Him & Says He ‘Couldn’t Afford a Georgia Attorney’ & Was ‘Denied a Lawyer’

A legal defense fund set up to help Floyd has raised more than $233,000.

The page was set up by a law firm and reads,

I represented Harrison Floyd in the hoax J6 case brought by Jack Smith. In case you didn’t know, Harrison Floyd is one of 19 defendants who has been victimized by Fani Willis, a Democrat prosecutor bent on advancing her political career. Harrison voluntarily flew to Georgia and voluntarily turned himself in to the police. However, unlike all of the other Defendants, Harrison is the only black defendant and the only one who hasn’t been released. He couldn’t afford a Georgia attorney and when he asked he was denied a lawyer.

Floyd was not charged in the Smith case.

There is another Black defendant in the Georgia case, however; Trevian Kutti is a former publicist for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, according to USA Today.

Carol Swain wrote on Facebook, “I know Harrison Floyd and served with him as a Black Voices for Trump member. Harrison is a gentleman who is mild-mannered and pleasant. If finances are the reason he is still in jail, we need to make sure the funds are available to bail him out and send him home to his family. #HarrisonFloyd.”

5. In the Pending Assault Case, Harrison Floyd, a Former Professional MMA Fighter, Is Accused of Bumping His Chest Against an FBI Agent, While Screaming Expletives

That pending assault complaint says that Floyd is a former United States Marine and had been a professional mixed martial artist fighter.

On February 23, 2023, FBI agents attempted to serve a federal grand jury subpoena to Floyd, it says. At one point, agents tried to speak with Floyd through a speaker call box but he indicated he was not home, the complaint says.

He asked if they had evidence of a crime, it says. They were granted access to the apartment building by a residence and knocked on Floyd’s door, the complaint adds. The agents decided to wait for Floyd to return to serve the subpoena, the complaint says.

About 30 minutes later they saw Floyd walking towards the entrance of his apartment while holding his daughter, and one agent held out the subpoena, the complaint says, adding that they followed him up a stairwell.

Floyd is accused of saying: “Bro I don’t even know who you are. You’re two random guys who are following me up here, into my house, with my daughter. You’re not showing me a f****** badge, you haven’t shown me sh** . Get the f*** sway from me.” An FBI agent held out his credentials, but Floyd slammed his apartment door shut, the complaint says.

One of the agents put the subpoena in the door frame and they started to walk away when Floyd “rushed down the stairs at them screaming’ you f****** piece of sh**," the complaint says. It says he ran straight into Victim 1 on the stair landing striking him chest to chest, and knocking him backwards, while screaming at him. Spit flew into the mouth of victim 1, it adds. He was bumping the agent chest to chest, the complaint says, adding that "Victim 2" pulled back his suit and placed his hand on his firearm. Floyd backed up and started screaming at the agents to "get out," adding, "I don’t know who the f**** you are," the complaint says.

Floyd called 911 and reported that two men had “accosted him,” followed him into his house, were threatening him, throwing stuff at him and one had a gun, the complaint says, quoting him as saying, “They were lucky I didn’t have a gun on me, because I would have shot his f****** as*.”

The complaint also gives his name as Willie Lewis Floyd III.

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