Florida Soccer Coach Hayley Hallmark Sexually Assaulted Teen Girl: Cops

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Hayley Hallmark is a Florida soccer coach and middle school teacher who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, starting when the student was 15-years-old.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested the teacher on a charge “of lewd and lascivious conduct with a student by an authority figure,” a news release says.

The release identifies the teacher as Hallmark, 35, who taught and coached at Ruckel Middle School in Niceville, Florida.

“Okaloosa County teachers represent the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, and morality,” stated Superintendent Marcus Chambers in the Sheriff’s Department release. “When an educator fails to live up to that high standard, we’re all impacted. Student safety and well-being is our highest priority, and we expect our employees’ conduct to be consistent with that priority.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hallmark Is Accused of ‘Having a Sexual Relationship’ With the Girl for Two Years, the Sheriff’s Department Says

hayley hallmark

FacebookHayley Hallmark

According to the news release, Hallmark is accused of “having a sexual relationship with a student between August 2018 and August 2020.” The student was 15 when the abuse started, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The investigation began Feb. 4 “after the victim confided in a teacher at Niceville High School. The information was then immediately reported by school officials to the School Resource Officer,” says the release.

Hayley Hallmark

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“Hallmark was placed on administrative leave by the Okaloosa County School District the same day. An OCSO warrant was issued February 5th.”

2. The Relationship Began With Texts That Led to More, Authorities Say

hayley hallmark

FacebookHayley Hallmark

According to the release, Hallmark started out by texting the girl, and then sexting her, before “leading to multiple physical encounters at multiple locations.”

The Okaloosa County School District released a statement through the Sheriff’s Department:

“Superintendent Marcus Chambers placed a Ruckel Middle School employee on administrative leave on Thursday after learning of allegations of inappropriate behavior involving a student,” it reads.

“The District immediately began working with the Department of Children and Families and The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office to support the investigation. That investigation led to an arrest today. In accordance with School Board Policy, the Superintendent will be recommending to the School Board that the employee be suspended without pay pending the outcome of investigations and/or criminal proceedings.”

3. On Facebook, Hallmark Shared Positive Messages From Students About Her Teaching

FacebookA post on Hallmark’s Facebook page.

On her Facebook page, Hallmark posted odes to her teaching; she shared a message from an unnamed person that read, “Coach, just a quick note to say how awesome you are! Not only as a cousin but I heard as a teacher your (sic) are AMAZING.” The message said another student wanted to be a teacher because “of you and the impact you had in her life. And she couldn’t stop talking beautifully about you.”

She shared a graphic that read, “My New Year starts Feb. 1 cause my January still got some 2020 shit goin’ on.”

She also shared a picture of a note and coffee mug, writing, “One of my 6th grade players brought this to me this morning because she said it reminded her of me.”

4. Hallmark Has Been Married Since 2015

FacebookA photo on Hayley Hallmark’s Facebook page.

Her Facebook page says Hallmark was married to Jason Hallmark since 2015.

In September 2020, she wrote, “So I have the best husband ever. He brought he lunch and then shortly after I had a ‘Beautiful delivery’ the office said. I sent some kids to get it and this is what they came back with. Thank you. Love you!!”


Her Facebook page is filled with photos showing Hallmark with her husband. She shared a photo of flowers on her desk, showing signs that read “chaos coordinator” and “world’s best teacher” and “I can’t adult today.”

5. Hallmark Called Her Soccer Team a Special Group

FacebookHayley Hallmark

In February 2020, she wrote, “We wrapped up soccer season tonight. Thank you to all of my soccer parents who supported this team throughout the season. We have a special group and I am sad that the season is over.”

She also shared a throwback photo showing she played soccer as a youth.

According to online court records, a felony plea is set in the case for March 2021.

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