Jacob Christian Muse Accused in Hawk Family Murders in Georgia

jacob christian muse

Mugshot Jacob Christian Muse

Jacob Christian Muse is the 21-year-old man accused in a triple murder at a gun store and shooting range in Grantville Georgia.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Grantville Police Department announced the arrest of Muse, 21, of College Park, Georgia, on April 15, 2022.

“Muse is charged with three counts of Malice Murder in connection with the April 8, 2022 triple homicide at the Lock, Stock & Barrel Shooting Range in Grantville, Georgia,” GBI wrote in a news release. “Muse has been booked into the Coweta County Jail and this joint investigation remains active and ongoing.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Killer Murdered Three Members of the Same Family & Left the Gun Store ‘With a Cache of Firearms,’ Authorities Say

The triple homicide occurred on Friday, April 8, 2022, in Grantville. At 8:08 pm, the Grantville Police Department “responded to a 911 call from Coweta County Coroner Tommy Richard Hawk, Jr. at the Lock Stock and Barrel Shooting Range. Tommy Richard Hawk Sr., Evelyn Hawk, both 75, and their grandson, Alexander Luke Hawk, 17, were found shot to death inside of the family business,” the news release said.

“The individual(s) responsible for shooting and killing the Hawk family left the shooting range with a cache of firearms. GBI crime scene specialists spent days documenting, collecting, and preserving evidence. They collected physical evidence from the scene and turned it over to the GBI and ATF crime labs for expedited analysis.”

Authorities noted, “Agents and investigators have spent numerous hours following up on many tips received from the GBI and ATF tip lines. Anyone who visited the Lock Stock and Barrel Shooting Range or saw anything along Bohannon Road on Friday, April 8, 2022, is asked to call the GBI Tip Line at 1 800-597 TIPS (8477), Region 2 (Columbus) Office at (706) 565-7888, or the ATF Tip Line at 1 800-ATF-TIPS (283-8477) to assist law enforcement.”

Police Said the Camera DVR Was Also Taken From the Scene

According to Grantville police, writing in a statement they posted to Facebook, “There was a robbery at the lock stock and barrel shooting range at around 530- 6pm on Friday. Officers were dispatched to the scene shortly after 8pm. Sadly it was found that the owner, his wife and their grandson had been murdered.”

They noted: “Approximately 40 weapons and the camera dvr were taken from the scene. The GBI was called in to work the case. Due to the amount of weapons taken, the ATF was also called in to assist as well as members from the Coweta County Sheriff’s department.”

Police added: “Let’s keep Richard Hawk and Family in our prayers. Anyone having driven by the shooting range during the time frame of 530pm to 630 pm that may have seen vehicles other than a white Ford dually truck and a black Ford expedition are asked to contact the police department. Please share, maybe someone will remember seeing something to assist with the investigation.”

In announcing a reward, Grantville police labeled the crime an armed robbery, referring to what happened to the Hawk family as “brutal murders.”

The County Coroner Discovered the Bodies of His Parents & Son

Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk discovered the bodies, CNN reported. He is the son and father of the victims.

A candlelight vigil was held for the Hawk family, according to Grantville police.

Sheriff Lenn Wood wrote in a statement on Facebook that his heart was broken.

He said that the Hawk family, City of Grantville and Coweta community “were forever broken and changed by the senseless and tragic event that happened in Grantville. Family was taken from the Hawk family, and us, way too soon, and we are left with hurt, pain, and very little answers. I am a life-long member of Coweta and every family, especially the Hawk family, are a valuable and precious part of my life. My heart is hurting and my prayers to our God is that He is ever present right now with Richard and his family…”

He noted that “Richard has served faithfully for decades in our law enforcement community. He’s a committed public servant and moreover a personal friend of mine.”

The Youngest Victim Was Helping His Grandparents While on Spring Break

According to CBS, the police chief described the Hawk family as “well-known and well-respected,” having run the gun store for 30 years.

CBS reported that their grandson was helping them at the store because he was home on spring break.

The Hawk family released a statement to WSB-TV:

We are encouraged and honored by the incredible efforts of our local law enforcement including the Grantville Police and Coweta County Sheriff’s department, as well as the ATF and GBI. We understand from Chief Steve Whitlock that the current development with the murder suspect in custody, was certainly a team effort. We are continuing to pray for their teams during this stressful time, and we will continue to pray for the redemption of the perpetrator.

Thank you again, to the City of Grantville and the community at large for such an outpouring of love and support. It is so meaningful that so many in our community cherished them as we did and have helped to shine a light in the darkness.

Tommy, Evelyn and Luke Hawk have been laid to rest but, we will certainly see them again.

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