Jamila Ponton Bragg, Alvin Bragg’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jamila ponton bragg

Twitter (Jamila Ponton Bragg)/Getty Alvin Bragg and his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg,

Jamila Ponton Bragg is the wife of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Bragg has been thrust into the national spotlight in a big way after former President Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social that he expects Bragg’s office to arrest him in a long-standing investigation into a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

That has people curious about Bragg’s biography. His wife is the former Jamila Marie Ponton.

Here’s what you need to know about Bragg’s wife:

1. Alvin Bragg & His Wife Jamila Ponton Bragg Have Two Kids Together

In a 2021 profile written by Patch when he was running for the District Attorney’s position, Bragg said his family consisted of “my wife Jamila and our two children.”

He also said that no one in his family worked in politics or government.

Ponton Bragg’s Facebook page says she is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

His children have stayed out of the news.

2. Alvin Bragg Met His Wife Jamila Marie Ponton at Harvard University

The couple’s wedding announcement in The New York Times says that the Reverend Calvin O. Butts III performed their ceremony at Heinz Memorial Chapel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The announcement says that Bragg and his wife met at Harvard, while he was getting a law degree, and she was getting a master’s degree in education.

At the time of the wedding, Jamila Ponton was 29-years-old and program director at Girls Inc., a nonprofit youth group located in New York, according to The New York Times.

It says that she graduated from Duke and her mother was a first-grade teacher in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

At the time of the wedding, the announcement said that Bragg was an assistant New York State attorney general in Manhattan.

3. Jamila Ponton Bragg Is Founder of JamRock Productions, LLC, a Theatre Production Company Focused on Works About Women

According to American Theatre, in July 2022, Ponton Bragg was named “the winner of the 2022 Prince Fellowship.” The fellowship was “originally created by legendary producer Harold Prince, are designed to empower a new generation of creative producers in the development of their chosen project,” the site says.

Prince Fellowship mentor David Stone said in a statement, according to American Theatre, “Jamila brings an incredible level of experience in the nonprofit field and a rich education with her as she transitions to commercial, creative producing. Her background and incredible focus will be an amazing contribution to this community.”

America Theatre says that Ponton Bragg “is the founder of JamRock Productions, LLC, a theatre production company committed to works for, about, and by women. After nearly 20 years in the nonprofit industry, she transitioned to theatre producing and began her journey in March 2020 as a co-producer on Blue, a play by Charles Randolph-Wright.”

The site notes that Bragg “is credited as an associate producer on the August 2021 Broadway production of Pass Over, and as an investor in for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf. Bragg holds a B.S. in psychology from Duke University and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.”

4. Jamila Ponton Bragg Has Retweeted People’s Posts About the Trump Investigation

jamila ponton bragg

Twitter (Jamila Ponton Bragg)Retweet by Jamila Ponton Bragg.

On Twitter, Ponton Bragg retweeted a tweet about the Trump investigation written by a workers’ rights lawyer named Terri Gerstein. The Gerstein tweet retweeted by Ponton Bragg said, “Just saw Mark Pomerantz on @60Minutes explaining why he took his ball & went home from the @ManhattanDA office. If he truly cared about Trump being prosecuted, he wouldn’t be blabbing on national TV, spilling so many details about an ongoing investigation he worked on.”

She also retweeted a March 2022 article in the Palmer Report headlined, “Finally, a bit of good news in the Manhattan DA criminal case against Donald Trump.” That article says, in part, “Tonight’s newly released Mark Pomerantz resignation letter to Alvin Bragg is actually a bit of good news (no, really). It’s the first official confirmation that the Manhattan DA’s office has Trump nailed on felonies.”

She also retweeted a Palmer Report tweet that reads, “Alvin Bragg said today that a ‘team of experienced prosecutors is working every day to follow the facts and the law.’ But this doesn’t fit with the media’s ratings-friendly false narrative that the Trump case was dropped. So the facts get ignored in favor of doomsday fiction.”

Pomerantz is an attorney who, according to a book he wrote about it, was one of the lawyers who worked on Trump investigation with Bragg’s office and “resigned in protest when Manhattan’s district attorney refused to act” and charge Trump.

She retweeted a collage of newspaper headlines about Trump and January 6.

Jamila Bragg

Twitter (Jamila Ponton Bragg)Jamila Ponton Bragg tweet.

She frequently retweets people’s posts on race relations, including presidents who owned slaves, critical race theory, and police shootings.

For example, this is her top retweet:

She also retweeted a post about possible Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s views on the confederate flag.

Ponton Bragg also retweeted a tweet criticizing The New York Times for its coverage of crime.

5. Alvin Bragg’s Wife Once Worked for Sesame Workshop

Ponton Bragg’s LinkedIn page lists her as a consultant for the Emma Bowen Foundation for three years through 2018.

She also wrote that she was educational outreach manager for The Electric Company Sesame Workshop for nine months and was a special assistant to the CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Her LinkedIn page says she was project director at Girls, Inc. for more than six years.

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