Japan Subway Attack Videos Show Suspect in Joker Costume

japan subway attack videos

Twitter Scenes from the Japan subway attack videos.

Disturbing videos from the Japan subway attack show the suspect calmly smoking a cigarette while wearing a Joker costume from the Batman movies or as Yoshikage Kira, a Japanese character.

The suspect, who has not been identified, is accused of injuring multiple people on the train and setting a fire on it. You watch watch the videos throughout this article, but be aware that they are disturbing. Yoshikage kira is an anime character who is “an abnormal and paraphilic serial killer whose routine is shaken when the ghost of his first victim,” according to JoJo Fandom.

According to Kyodo News, at least 10 people were injured, one seriously, in the attack on the subway. At least one man was stabbed. However, Japan Times reported that the wounded numbered at least 17.

You can see the same man in the Joker costume surrounded by police inside the train in this video.

Here’s what you need to know:

One Video Shows Fire Breaking Out on the Train

The video above shows frantic people on the Subway running toward the back of a moving train before a fire or explosion breaks out and people climb out of windows toward safety.

Video shows people running in fear. The Joker video also circulated on Reddit.

The stabbings occurred on Halloween 2021. “First I thought it was something like a Halloween event. But I rushed away as a man carrying a long knife came in. I was very fortunate not to be injured,” a train passenger told NHK, according to The Guardian.

According to The Guardian, a female passenger said, “He held a knife and started spreading liquid. He was committing this act without showing any emotion, just mechanically. I think that brought fear to everyone.”

The Suspect Is Accused of Saying He Wanted to ‘Kill People’

「油のようなもので火を放った」京王線車内で男が・・・(2021年10月31日) 東京・調布市を走行中の京王線の車内で男性が刺され、火災が発生しました。事件があった国領駅前から報告です。  (秋元大輔記者報告)  国領駅前なんですが、ブルーシートが引かれて、おそらくけがをした人などが搬送されている状態になっています。  調布市を走行中の京王線の電車内で60代の男性が男に刺されて意識不明になっているという情報も入ってます。  警視庁は殺人未遂の疑いで、自称・20代の男を現行犯逮捕しています。男は、服装でいうとバットマンのジョーカーのような仮装をしていたという情報も入っています。  警視庁によりますと、31日午後8時ごろ、東京調布市を走行中の京王線の電車内で刃物を持った男がいる。油のようなもので火を放ったと複数の通報がありました。  電車は、新宿行きの特急電車で5両目で発生したということです。60代の男性が、刃物で刺されて意識不明の重体で、それ以外にも8人がけがをしてるということです。  駆け付けた警察官が殺人未遂の疑いで、現行犯逮捕しています。  東京消防庁によりますと、5両目のシートから出火しましたが、若干燃えた程度でほぼ消し止められたということです。  警視庁は男から事情を聴くなどして詳しい状況を今、調べているところです。 [テレ朝news] news.tv-asahi.co.jp2021-10-31T13:00:54Z

The suspect is 24 years old and in custody. He was armed with a knife, according to Kyodo News. There was a separate report that hydrochloric acid was used by the suspect, but police had not confirmed that account, the news site reported. According to the Associated Press, that account came from Japanese media outlet NHK, which reported that the suspect in the Joker costume “poured a liquid resembling oil from a plastic bottle and set fire, which partially burned seats.”

The subway was headed for central Tokyo. “I heard a loud bang and saw flames and smoke in the back. Everyone was panicking,” a male passenger said to Japan Times, which said people claimed the suspect told people he “wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death.” Beyond that, Associated Press reported that the suspect’s motive is not clear.

According to Japan Times, the stabbing attack is the latest in a string of attacks on trains in Japan. Reuters reported that a suspect in an August mass stabbing on a Japanese train said he was targeting women who looked happy.

Shunsuke Kimura filmed the video of panicked passengers fleeing and told NHK, according to AP, that he jumped from a window after hearing an explosive.

“Train doors were closed and we had no idea what was happening, and we jumped from the windows,” Kimura said, according to AP. “It was horrifying.”

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