Joe Rogan Shows Off on Instagram: ‘I Identify as Limber’ [LOOK]

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Joe Rogan showed off his flexibility in an impressive recent Instagram photo, showing himself doing a split in his gym. Rogan wrote in the caption on the April 2021 picture, “I identify as limber.”

Rogan’s friends and fans took to the comments on his Instagram post to both praise him for his impressive limberness and to poke fun at him, especially for the intense look on his face in the selfie photo. UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman replied simply with laughing/crying emojis. Comedian and recent JRE guest Ali Macofsky wrote, “Cheerleader joe coming soon!”

One fan wrote, “Some say he’s still stuck in that position.” Former Democratic presidential candidate and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard wrote that she was, “Impressed!” Another follower wrote, “Rogan Only Fans would be crazy…”

Rogan Has Previously Talked About Using a Sauna to Limber Up & the Benefits of Yoga

Rogan talks often on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast about his workout routines, stretching and the benefits of things like saunas and yoga. Rogan said in May 2019 on Instagram, “I’ve been doing 20 minutes in the sauna above 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few weeks now, and I’m addicted to it. If I skip a day I start to crave it.
I think the challenge of it is part of it, but also how good it makes me feel for the rest of the day.”

Rogan added, “I get these brutal trigger point massages and the lady that does them said she noticed a big difference in how responsive and pliable my muscles are since I’ve been doing it. It also seems to have increased my running endurance.”

Joe Rogan on Yoga and Rickson GracieJoe Rogan and Henry Rollins on yoga and Rickson Gracie. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience

In November 2018 he wrote on Facebook, “Out of all the exercise I do, yoga is the one where after I’m done I always think ‘I gotta do more of this s***.'” He said 90 minutes of hot yoga, “does more than workout my body, it purges my mind of stupid thoughts.”

Rogan added, “The physical benefits are amazing too. When I do it on a regular basis my body is much more limber and I feel much less tension in my back. It strengthens things in a very unique way and maximizes my range of motion and flexibility like nothing else I do.”

Rogan Has Showed Off His Flexibility Before

Rogan posted a similar photo Instagram of himself stretching in July 2020. He wrote in the caption, “Post training stretching is one of the most overlooked and neglected things, even for strikers. There’s some serious benefits to flexibility if you can just force yourself to suffer through prolonged static stretching sessions.”

In another post, from February 2021, Rogan wrote, “Loosen up, f******.” According to the JRE Library, “Rogan currently uses a combination of rest, massage, stretching, hydration, nutrition, inversion therapy, dry sauna, cryotherapy, red light therapy and CBD for his post-workout recovery. It’s no secret that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), stem cell treatments and Regenokine also play an important role. In addition, he performs some specific exercises to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.”

Rogan’s exercise includes, “weightlifting, cardio machines, hill sprints, trail running, hot yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing,” the website says.

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