Social Media Star Slams Joe Rogan for ‘Misogynistic’ ‘Body Shaming’ [LOOK]

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Getty Trisha Paytas slammed Joe Rogan, accusing him of body shaming.

Trisha Paytas ripped Joe Rogan after he talked about Paytas’ appearance and OnlyFans page on his podcast with comedian Ali Macofsky. Paytas called Rogan’s comments “misogynistic” and said he was body shaming during the conversation on the April 13, 2021, episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Macofsky and Rogan were talking about OnlyFans and how many women, including celebrities and social media stars like Paytas, have turned to the site to post adult content as a way to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic. Macofsky told Rogan she subscribes to Paytas’ OnlyFans, and Rogan, who hadn’t heard of the YouTube star and internet sensation, asked his producer, Jamie Vernon, to pull up a photo of Paytas. When he did bring up a bikini picture to “see how (Paytas) would look naked,” Rogan scoffed, “Yeah, you can keep that.”

Paytas, in a YouTube video responding to Rogan on April 14, said, “Thank you Joe Rogan so much for the plug. I appreciate you. I wish that you were still on YouTube so more people could visibly see your misogynistic way to me.” Paytas said to Rogan and Vernon, “Joe Rogan and the other guy, I don’t exist for your ejaculation. But I can provide that for other people who like this type. Not every woman is here to be pleasure for your eyeballs. In my research I did find out that Joe Rogan is all about that keto life. He’s been in ketosis for years I guess, apparently. My advice to you: eat a carb, loosen up, get laid. Because that small d*** energy … is not becoming. To you or your little friend who did a little snicker.”

Paytas, who recently came out as nonbinary in a YouTube video and uses they/them pronouns, began their career as a stripper and actor, appearing in music videos, before starting a vlog, “blndsundoll4mj”, in 2007 that grew into a popular YouTube channel, where they have more than 5 million subscribers.

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Rogan Said, ‘You Know What’s Amazing? I Had No Idea That Was a Person … That’s What’s Amazing About the Internet’

Macofsky and Rogan began talking about OnlyFans after she mentioned she has a Patreon page. During their conversation about OnlyFans, Macofsky, a Los Angeles-based standup comic, told Rogan, “I subscribe to an OnlyFans.” Rogan quizzically responded, “Do you?” and asked if it was a boy. Macofsky said, Paytas, “shows everything” and called her a “savage.” Rogan asked what Paytas does on their OnlyFans and then asked Jamie Vernon if he knew who Paytas was.

Vernon said, “Unfortunately, I do.” He said he doesn’t follow Paytas, but “follows the internet, so I know who this person is.” Macofsky, trying to explain Paytas’ celebrity to Rogan, said, Paytas is “just on the internet,” and “is an internet person.” Macofsky explained that Paytas is on OnlyFans, YouTube and “just everywhere.” Macofsky talked about how Paytas moved into a house in the Hills somewhere and gave a “house tour naked. So you’re getting this beautiful real estate and you’re like, ‘Oh nice cabinets…”

Rogan then asked what Paytas looks like and after a little banter, Vernon pulled up a photo. After his “you can keep that,” line, Rogan asked it Paytas is, “One of those extroverted people that gets a lot of attention? And wants a lot of attention?” Macofsky said, “for sure,” and Rogan added, Paytas is “probably a good person to follow, wants a lot of attention, constantly putting out content.” Macofsky said Paytas’ OnlyFans is “always updated with new things” and is making “YouTube videos, podcasts, everything.”

Rogan added, “You know what’s amazing to me? I had no idea that was a person. You know what I mean? Probably huge, probably has millions of followers on everything, right?” Vernon then predicted Paytas would hear what Rogan had said, and “would probably make comments about this.” Rogan said, “I’m sure. I had no idea. That’s what’s amazing about the internet.”

Paytas, Who Said They Have Made $1 Million a Month on OnlyFans, Invited Rogan & His Fans to ‘Come See the Savagery & the Disgustingness That Is Me’

Paytas said on YouTube, “Dear Joe Rogan podcast, thank you for providing me with some video content today. I woke up an onslaught of tweets saying that I was mentioned by the Joe Rogan. ‘Oh my God, Joe Rogan the number one podcast downloaded,’ I don’t even know if that’s true anymore, I couldn’t find him on YouTube, apparently he’s only on Spotify. I don’t know?”

Paytas added, “Look, you don’t know me. I don’t really know that much about you know. I mean you were really popular on Fear Factor when I was a kid. Other than that, I don’t know much either. I could gather a little bit, I could do a little research from the tweets that were coming my way from your followers and then people who just dislike you. Hey, a lot of people dislike me too, so I’m not going to judge you on that. I’m not going to go for the low blows. A lot of people called you an egg, or a sperm on steroids. I don’t go for low blows. Because of 50-year-old men like you who constantly tell me how disgusting and repulsive I am, I have what you may call ‘low insecurity.’ And you may say, ‘OK, but you have an OnlyFans, it’s fair game,’ and yeah if you want to pay me $5, have at it.”

Paytas gave a shout out to Macofsky, who said she follows her on OnlyFans. “Before we even get any further, thank you for the plug, Joe Rogan. They could have edited that out and Ali of course, that’s my girl right there. She supports, she pays, she knows. She said I was a savage on OnlyFans, and honestly I am. I don’t know if this is a flex, because I don’t flex, I show more than anybody. I’ll show you, I’ll open up my a**hole, I don’t care. Open it up for criticism and all that stuff like that. And it’s not because I’m the most confident b****, keep in mind I know that I’m a fat a** hoe and thankfully for me a lot of people like fat a** hoes.” Paytas added

I make about, I don’t know if I want to say, but at the height of it I made about $1 million a month. Just saying. And I still rake it in. And honestly this morning, when I woke up to all my new followers, on, it’s only $5 a month, check out my naked open house tour and my numerous amount of sex tapes that now that Pornhub is down are really hard to find. So thank you for joining, Come see the savagery and the disgustingness that is me.

Paytas called out Rogan for not putting the photo of her up on the screen during the podcast. “No one is forcing you to watch this FYI. I no longer post free nilly on Twitter, in fact I rarely ever promote my OnlyFans and it’s still really popular and I’m still in the .01%. No one is forcing you to watch this. And this has been a pattern, old conventionally unattractive men, it’s not a diss, I like conventionally unattractive, radiate small d*** energy. And one again, not a diss, a lot of people like small d***s. But maybe not the energy you want to radiate. And it’s just gross. There is a lot to come for me for. … A lot you could come at me for. Looking at a photo of me in a bikini and going, ‘Ugh, ew, you can keep that,’ why?”

Paytas added, “I have heard that Joe Rogan is so intelligent. ‘He’s so smart, he’s so this.’ But honestly I look at that and I’m like, ‘Oh, he has no intellect whatsoever, he can’t come up with a wittier quip. Or even just if I’m not your type, you really don’t have to just say anything. You have a guest on who is saying she appreciates my work and my content and the hard work that I put out. Once again shout out Ali for acknowledging that. Because I do be making updated content on my OnlyFans,, every single day, and my YouTube channel and my podcast and my TikToks. Generally just being everywhere.”

Paytas said, “Just for the record, for any future people body shaming me, because obviously they’re mad that I’m on OnlyFans, that I’m making money off OnlyFans, some people find this attractive, some people I make money even if they don’t find it attractive. Either way, people are talking about me. Just know, you don’t need to ‘Ugh,’ and say, ‘Keep that,’ especially to women like myself who are not conventionally attractive. I don’t look like Pamela Anderson in her prime in the ’90s. I look like this. And I already hate myself a lot for it. And it’s fine, I can make coin out of it obviously. I do like attention as they said. I was excited, but just for future reference, for attention trolls like myself who aren’t me, you don’t have to ‘Ugh’ at somebody. Because chances are, even if they are the most beautiful person, maybe they already, ‘Ugh’ at themselves.”

Paytas told Rogan, “Anyways, that’s my little rant.. … You smoke pot and that’s cool, no hate, but maybe it’s getting to your brain. Maybe you have a little bit of pot brain. And that’s cool. Honestly you should probably just stick to hosting s***** game shows. The reboot of Fear Factor would’ve been chef’s kiss with you in it, but yeah, you like the healthy lifestyle and I like the fast food lifestyle. And, if life’s a competition maybe you’ll win. I’m sure all the McDonald’s clogs my arteries. But other than that, I think I’m winning in this lifestyle, the current here and now that we’re both living in. And I’ll see you at”

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