Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Video & Photos [GRAPHIC]

kyle rittenhouse crime scene photos

Getty Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is over in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and numerous shooting scene photos and videos were presented as evidence in the controversial case. They were, really, the star witnesses as they captured the exact moments of each shooting. Be forewarned that many of the photos and videos are graphic or disturbing. One Rittenhouse shooting video shows the moment he shot two men in the street. You can see them throughout this article.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a Kenosha jury of all charges on November 19, 2021. Read more about the verdict here.

Rittenhouse is the Antioch, Illinois, teenager, who is on trial on multiple counts of homicide and other serious charges for the shooting deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. He also shot and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz. Rittenhouse’s team says he didn’t commit any crimes at all. Rittenhouse’s lawyers allege he acted in self defense.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the witness stand himself on November 10, 2021, and he cried on the stand. Watch Rittenhouse’s emotional testimony here.

The trial is unfolding in the courtroom of Judge Bruce Schroeder. The shootings occurred in August 2020, after days of arson fires, protests, and rioting, in Kenosha following a police officer’s shooting of Jacob Blake.

GettyThe shooting scene.

All of the exhibits haven’t been presented yet; many of the exhibits shown so far come from the defense side because only the defense presented visuals during opening statements, and those were made available to reporters.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Main Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Videos

The video above shows Rittenhouse shooting Rosenbaum, who had chased him into the corner of a used car lot. This video shows Rosenbaum running after Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse shoots him four times and kills him. Be forewarned that this video is also graphic.

Here is the main Rittenhouse video that shows him shooting Huber and Grosskreutz. It is very graphic and is the key video in those shootings. Heavy is providing the link rather than embedding it because YouTube has placed a disturbing content warning screen on the video.

Here’s a link to another even more graphic video from the scene of the Rosenbaum shooting; it shows a dying Rosenbaum lying on the ground as people tend to him. It, too, is very graphic.

Many news outlets have strung together numerous videos to form a chronology. You can see one of those videos above. The Rosenbaum shooting occurred first; Rittenhouse then ran down the road. The shootings of Huber and Grosskreutz came next.

Photos of the Moment Rittenhouse Shot Anthony Huber & Gaige Grosskreutz

GettyThe shooting scene.

These shooting scene photos emerged on Getty Images before the trial; some of them were shown during the trial. Here are more of those photos. Here’s what’s happening in them.

According to the prosecution and the defense, Rittenhouse had just run down the street, in direction of police, after shooting Joseph Rosenbaum in a car dealer parking lot. In the video below, you see Grosskreutz with the orange bag and Huber, who has already been shot, starting to fall to the ground in the right corner of the photo.

GettyThe shooting scene

The defense attorney, Mark Richards, says that Rittenhouse was attacked by multiple people, one of whom knocked off his hat. He then fell to the ground. At that point, Rittenhouse was in a lying and seated position. A man who remains unidentified and was labeled “jump kick man” by the defense attorney, then rushed Rittenhouse and kicked him in the head. Huber next rushed Rittenhouse, making contact with his skateboard and touching his gun, according to Richards. This photo occurs right before Rittenhouse shot Huber:

GettyKenosha shooting

Richards showed the jury a photo he says proves Huber touched Rittenhouse’s gun; the defense is trying to show that Rittenhouse feared both Rosenbaum and Huber were trying to disarm him of his weapon. To establish self defense, Rittenhouse needs to show he reasonably feared that he, or others, were in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.


Court exhibitDefense exhibit showing Anthony Huber touching Rittenhouse’s gun.

Next Gaige Grosskreutz moved toward Rittenhouse with a gun in his hand, according to the defense attorney.

Rittenhouse shot him. Grosskreutz was wounded, but he survived. Rittenhouse also shot at the “jump kick man” but missed. In this photo, Huber lies wounded on the ground and Grosskreutz is now running away.

GettyKenosha shooting

The complaint says that Rosenbaum did “initially try to engage the defendant. (Richie) McGinnis (a journalist eyewitness) stated that as the defendant was walking Rosenbaum was trying to get closer to the defendant. When Rosenbaum advanced, the defendant did a ‘juke’ move and started running,” according to the complaint. “McGinnis said that the unarmed guy (Rosenbaum) was trying to get the defendant’s gun. McGinnis demonstrated by extending both of his hands in a quick grabbing motion and did that as a visual on how Rosenbaum tried to reach for the defendant’s gun…McGinnis said that he definitely made a motion that he was trying to grab the barrel of the gun. McGinnis stated that the defendant pulled it away and then raised it.”

Video taken from an FBI surveillance plane

The prosecution said that the FBI recorded a infrared video that captured the shooting scene from more than 8,000 feet up in the air. You can watch this video above.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said in his opening statement that the video would show that Rittenhouse was first running after Rosenbaum. He then acknowledges that Rosenbaum started running after Rittenhouse, chasing him into a corner of the car lot and throwing a plastic hospital bag at him. Richards says that Rosenbaum was reaching for his gun, and that a journalist who witnessed the scene says Rosenbaum “dove” for the gun while screaming an expletive at Rittenhouse.

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However, when it came time for the prosecutor to put the FBI agent on the stand, the judge cut the audio and video and the prosecutor ended his presentation without getting the FBI agent to identify anyone in that video.

What’s known about this testimony comes from a pool reporter in the courtroom. The pool report said, in that reporter’s words:

Prosecutors said they were done questioning the FBI agent before they ever identified anyone in the grainy footage or explaining the significance of it to the Rittenhouse case.  They will likely circle back to the video later in the presentation.

The defense then began cross-examination. During cross-examination, when the defense asked for the tail number of the two-man plane, prosecutors objected. The judge then asked the attorneys to step forward for a sidebar on the issue.

The judge then asked jurors to leave the courtroom as they continued to discuss the video taken by the FBI agent in the surveillance plane. Defense lawyer Mark Richards told the judge he believes there was other video taken by the FBI that’s no longer available.

Richards said he was incredulous that the FBI could take video that captured alleged homicides and then got rid of that video.

“That is preposterous,” Richards added. The judge balked when prosecutor Binger told him regarding footage from the plane that “the federal government is not under our control.”

“I beg your pardon,” the judge said, interrupting Binger.

“I don’t get this,” the judge said. “This is a criminal prosecution … if there is going to be cloak and dagger stuff. What’s going on?”

He later said prosecutors should skip the FBI agent for now, call a different witness, and come back to the issue of the plane later.

Joseph Rosenbaum’s Behavior Before the Shooting

Part of the above video was shown to the jury. Be forewarned that the language in it is very disturbing. Rosenbaum, the first man shot by Rittenhouse, is seen a short time before the shooting in a gas station parking lot getting agitated with another person. Rittenhouse is not in this video.

“Shoot me,” Rosenbaum says to someone, using a racial slur. Rosenbaum was convicted of child molestation related charges in Arizona and had a pending domestic violence battery charge in Wisconsin. He was released from a hospital on the day of the shooting.

The defense showed the jury a photo of Rosenbaum with a chain the night of the shooting.

joseph rosenbaum

defense exhibitJoseph Rosenbaum with a chain

The defense is trying to establish that Rosenbaum was the aggressor. The prosecution, to counter that, raised the FBI surveillance video. The defense attorney says Rittenhouse first helped clean graffiti off a public building and then went to help guard a local business whose other outlet had burned to the ground in the days before.

He was also acting as a medic.

Screenshots captured Rosenbaum’s agitation shortly before the shooting.

joseph rosenbaum

ExhibitJoseph Rosenbaum

Rittenhouse was armed; prosecutors say he was illegally possessing the weapon because he was 17. Rosenbaum was not armed when he was shot.

kyle rittenhouse

ExhibitKyle Rittenhouse

Rosenbaum is seen in a blue mask in this photo presented by defense attorneys, who say he was seen starting a dumpster on fire.

joseph rosenbaum

Defense exhibitJoseph Rosenbaum

The Other Man Accused of Firing

joshua ziminski

Defense exhibitJoshua Ziminski

This man, Joshua Ziminski, pictured above, is accused of firing a gun into the air right before Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum.

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