How to Fact Check the Harris vs. Pence Presidential Debate Live Tonight

Kamala Pence Debate

Getty Kamala Harris and Mike Pence are facing off for a debate.

If you’re watching the 2020 vice presidential debate tonight, you might want to fact check Vice President Mike Pence’s claims versus Senator Kamala Harris’s claims live as they happen. Here’s how you can use a live fact-checker during tonight’s debate, including a stream with fact-checking embedded below.

USA Today Is Providing Fact-Checking Within Its Live Stream Below

Just as it did with the first presidential debate, USA Today is providing fact-checking live within its live stream, which you can watch below (or here if the embed below does not appear for you.)

Vice Presidential Debate 2020: Mike Pence and Kamala Harris face off in SLC (LIVE) | USA TODAYThe vice presidential debate, featuring Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, takes place at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, October 7th at 9 p.m. ET. It will be moderated by USA TODAY’s Washington Bureau chief, Susan Page. Check out USA TODAY's official fact check here: According to…2020-10-01T17:57:07Z

USA Today notes on its video: “USA TODAY will mobilize a team of reporters and fact checkers to provide context to the debate topics in real-time, within the livestream player and on social media, to help viewers understand the issues that will define the election as they are discussed by Pence and Harris on the stage in Salt Lake City.” Is Providing a Live Fact Checker on Its Mobile App is live streaming the vice presidential debate tonight and fact-checking both Pence’s and Harris’s claims live as they are made,’s representatives told Heavy. This is a great option for people who prefer to watch a fact-checker on a mobile app. They fact-checked last week’s presidential debate and are doing the same again tonight. A representative confirmed with Heavy that this option will be available in all the upcoming debates.

If you use’s app, you can watch a stream of the debate with a scrolling timeline of live fact checks that will be rated true, false or misleading. If you’re using the app, you can also submit your own fact check claims as well.

Logically said about the venture: “Leveraging its advanced multi-model AI, along with the largest fact checking team in the world, Logically aims to provide debate viewers with the truth, unarming disinformation and misinformation before it takes hold.” 

If you want to use this live fact-checker, you can download the app before the debate begins. It’s available on iOS here and on Android here.

This mockup below shows what you can expect to see on your phone during the live fact-checking tonight.

Logically.aiA mockup of what the fact-checking will look like.

NPR Is Providing Fact-Checking Analysis Live

NPR is providing live fact-checking analysis during tonight’s vice presidential debate, provided by Ari Shapiro. The fact-checking will occur on this webpage starting at 9 p.m. Eastern or on this webpage.

Politico Is Also Providing Live Fact Checks

Politico is also providing live fact checks tonight. Its fact-checking service is being updated on the webpage here.

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