The Challenge Star Opens Up About Decision to Appear on Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents

MTV The Challenge Double Agents

Olympian Lolo Jones will be appearing for the first time on The Challenge: Double Agents this season, but the 3-time Olympian has just revealed that she wouldn’t have competed on this season of the show if she’d known how much it would impact her training.

Although it seems like the season just barely finished filming, Jones took to Instagram to announce that she’d officially qualified for the USA National bobsled team. On November 22, Jones shared an article from CBC Olympics that reported she’d made the team and she wrote, “Guess the secrets out! I’m back in Bobsled!! life is crazy. I competed against @BobsledKaillie for years and now we are teammates let’s gooo!”

However, she later posted a story on Instagram in which she shared that she wouldn’t have competed in The Challenge if she’d known the bobsled trials would be right around the corner.

Jones Said If She’d Known That Bobsled Trials Would Take Place This Fall, She Wouldn’t Have Gone on ‘The Challenge’

After announcing that she made the bobsled team, Jones shared a story on Instagram updating her fans about what she’d been up to. She said, “So now that it’s official, I can finally talk about some of the projects I’ve been doing. I filmed a reality TV show, The Challenge, so that’s coming out in December. And then I went straight to bobsled season.” She adds:

I thought that there wasn’t gonna be a bobsled season so that’s why I did The Challenge. Had I known there’s actually gonna be a bobsled season I would not have done The Challenge because it put me in such a disadvantage for the team trials, like I mean I made the team but I didn’t have the best performance on one of my runs.

She also added text to her video explaining that she tried to stay in shape while competing on The Challenge but it was extremely difficult since COVID-19 restrictions meant that they were confined to the house the majority of the time.

Jones Opened Up About Her Journey This Year Training for Various Competitions, Including The Challenge

Jones recently posted to Instagram that her training journey this year was all over the place and she had just started training as a bobsledder to make the U.S. national team. She shared that she had a shorter training period because of her decision to appear on The Challenge: Double Agents. She said, “I have been preparing to make the USA National Bobsled Team. ⁣I normally would spend 6 months to get ready. I spent three weeks.”

She said she first started the year training for track and field for the Summer Olympics but they were eventually canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said, “After months of sitting in my house with all my races cancelled I was beyond frustrated. I just wanted to compete in something. I didn’t care what. So I decided to go on the reality show @challengemtv.” She said she dropped a lot of weight on the show and worked on her endurance as she knew she needed the endurance to make it to a final and win.

She said after filming, she went straight to the Olympic Training Center in New York to try to make the Olympic bobsled team but she needed to quickly gain weight to reach 165 pounds. She wrote, “I only had a few weeks to get powerful for Team trials. …⁣ Tomorrow is race day and oddly, I’m ready to compete in my first Bobsled race in years. I didn’t gain all the weight in time. I’m 155 pounds and the rest… 10 pounds fury. let’s go.”

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