Mavs Billionaire Mark Cuban Opens up about Running for President in 2024

Mark Cuban

Getty Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Imagine a world where Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban runs for U.S. President in 2024.

World imagined?

“Based on everything I know right now… no,” Mark Cuban told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“But, like you said if everything goes south, it depends on how they go south and how far south and whether or not that I would be the right person, you know? I wouldn’t do it just to do it. I would only do it if I thought if I was the right person and you know we got time so there’s a whole lot of other qualified people out there too — like you Scoop, what about you? Would you run?”

Cuban is the star of the reality television show, Shar Tank. Current U.S. President, Donald Trump was the star of reality tv show, The Apprentice.

Million Dollar Question: Will being a reality show star one day be a prerequisite for holding a job in public office?

“I hope it’s not about who’s the most famous,” he said.

“Or who has the most name recognition; I really hope it’s about what you can bring to the table and what you can do for the American people. And I hope it’s not about Republican or Democrats. I really hope there’s an Independent that comes along and says, ‘You know what? We’re tired of BOTH parties and how they act. Let’s do it a little different and put the American people first.’”

The U.S. is respected traditionally as a two-party system with the Democrat and Republican parties, respectively. Although he never won a Presidential Election, one of the most successful and notable Independent candidates candidates to date was Ross Perot.

Cuban believes that a change in philosophy in a two-party system could give an Independent candidate a chance in the future. “I’m a big believer that you offer equity to your employees because the only way to increase your quality is to have increasable assets — things that incur value while you’re sleeping,” he said.

“And I think that first and foremost is most important. In terms of getting away from Republicans or Democrats, it’s just gonna take somebody that stands up and says, ‘You know what? Look where these parties have got us. Does anybody feel good about either party right now?… and by the way, why are we so caught up on being part of a party? Why aren’t we Americans? Why don’t we do things for the American people? There’s no one way. There’s no Democratic way to do it and there’s no Republican way to do it. There’s problems that we have to solve and we have to address them as Americans and that doesn’t happen with the parties that we have now.”

The coronavirus pandemic has altered just about everything in the world right now. Cuban weighed in on how the world will look in the next six months. “I think people become more and more confident in the vaccine, that they’ll realize that it’s safe and effective,” he asserts.

“And as more people get it, that the confidence in society and the stress levels we have right now will decrease. And when that happens, we won’t immediately be back to normal but, we’ll see a path to normal. And I think that’ll everybody. Because right now, everybody’s got so much stress and anxiety with COVID stress and fatigue that we’re afraid to do anything and as people get the vaccine and we healthcare workers first get it, they’re going into the hospitals and they’re not catching anything, right? Because they got the vaccine, we’ll start to feel better and better and then when it’s our turn to get it, I’ll think we’ll be ready to take it and that’ll be a great thing.”