PHOTOS: Mitch McConnell’s ‘Gnarly’ Bruised Hands Spark Concern for His Health

Mitch McConnell hands

Getty Photos of Senator Mitch McConnell's heavily bruised hands and face go viral on Twitter.

Photos of Senator Mitch McConnell’s heavily discolored and bruised hands have sparked serious concern for the Senate Majority Leader’s health on Twitter. The pictures started to go viral on October 21 and have been verified as unedited photos from Getty Images and The Associated Press.

McConnell, 78, who’s up for re-election in Kentucky, has been a constant presence in the media recently due to the ongoing negotiations concerning the second stimulus bill, and Americans expressed worry on Twitter that McConnell may not be healthy enough to be involved with these important negotiations.

Other online users said that if there is something wrong with McConnell’s health, the people of Kentucky have a right to know prior to the election.

Vox reporter Aaron Rupar shared photos of McConnell’s hands and tweeted, “I hope Mitch McConnell isn’t in poor health but his hands look gnarly (images from Getty).”

A bruise on McConnell’s face caused additional concern. Unaltered photos show a bruise on the upper right part of his lip. One person tweeted, “Something is wrong with Mitch McConnell. The hands photos speak for themselves but this face shot….homeboy has tons of makeup on and is covering bruises and scabs. He is not. well.”

McConnell, who has not been reported to have contracted coronavirus, suffered from polio as a child. In April, he got choked up while speaking out about contracting the deadly disease to ABC News. “I was lucky,” he said, recalling how his mother “was determined to see me walk again. My mother instilled all that in me before I was 4 years old and I think it’s been a guiding principle in how I lead my life.”

McConnell Addressed the Concern Surrounding His Bruised Hands on Thursday

While speaking with Politico’s congressional bureau chief John Bresnahan on October 22, McConnell shot down rumors that there was anything wrong with his health. Scott Wong, The Hill’s senior staff writer, tweeted out their conversation.

Bresnahan asked, “Do you have some kind of health issue? Everybody’s been talking about your hands.” At first, McConnell turned the question back on him. “I’ve been worried about your health, Bres. How you feeling?” asked McConnell.

Bresnahan then asked, “Is there anything going on we should know about?” to which McConnell answered, “Of course not.”

The senator’s team has not put out an official statement concerning McConnell’s health or explaining the bruises on his hands and face.

Speculation Over What Caused McConnell’s Discolored Hands Caused a Twitter Debate

After the photos went viral, Twitter users shared their speculation about what could be the cause of McConnell’s discolored hands. Some guessed the senator may be on blood thinners.

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One person tweeted, “I’d be interested in what’s going on with Mitch McConnell and as a person in an elected position, he should be transparent with voters. I think this isn’t anything crazy though. he’s just old and probably on blood thinners. My grandma is pretty much one whole ass bruise.”

Other Twitter users wondered if McConnell had an accident and the bruising stemmed from his old age.

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