Plaza Bonita Mall: No Evidence of Active Shooter or Shooting

bonita plaza mall shooting

Twitter There was a panic over shooting fears at Bonita Plaza Mall

There was an active shooter scare outside AMC theater at the Plaza Bonita Mall in San Diego County, California, on December 19, 2021, but it turned out that there was no shooting or shooter.

The San Diego Union Tribute called it an “erroneous report” that someone had been shot inside the theater.

Malik Earnest, a San Diego journalist, wrote on Twitter, “Police later received calls of a shooter outside AMC theater one on the opposite side of Plaza Bonita Mall. National City police cleared all theaters and no evidence of a shooting or victims were found. Some kids went missing in the chaos, but have been reunited with family.”

Earnest further wrote, “New details allege police received multiple calls of an active shooter on the lower level of Macy’s at Plaza Bonita Mall. Word spread quickly which caused people to stampede out of the mall.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Shooting Fears Stemmed From a Shoplifting Incident

According to CBS8, there was a shoplifting incident at the Macy’s store in the mall, sparking the active shooter scare.

The television station reported that a pulled alarm led to a panic that caused minor injuries on three people.

CBS 8 wrote on Twitter, “On Saturday, a suspect was chased by security after they attempted to smash-and-grab at Plaza Bonita Mall, National City Fire Batallion cheif Antonia Ibarra confirmed with News 8.”

“We checked all theaters, to include the upper level,” the police official said at the scene, according to the Union Tribune. “There is no sign of a shooting, no sign of someone being injured because of a gunshot.” The report of the shooting came as the accused shoplifter was being detained, and it caused a panic but proved false, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper reported that there was an active shooter scare that proved false at the mall just last week. That also stemmed from a “smash-and-grab” robbery, according to the newspaper.

People Shared Videos on Twitter & Wrote About the Panic

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People wrote about the panic on Twitter. “Plaza Bonita Mall as people were yelling shooter. My family and I were just parking as people rushed out the doors yelling… had my wife and kids lay down on the floor of the van as we made our way out!” wrote one person, sharing the above video.

“Maaaan my friend just had to leave the Plaza Bonita mall because there was a shooter inside Macy’s while she was in there…Be careful out there y’all,” wrote another.

A woman wrote, “Apparently people were running in Plaza Bonita mall. They assumed shooter. I cant imagine myself in that situation. I’d grab the hand of whomever I am with and tail out of the nearest exit.”

A man wrote, “Whenever I’m at Plaza Bonita mall, I’m there at 10am on the dot. Before the bullsh** starts.”

The false reports continued to spread on Twitter, with one person writing, “Did not finish my workout because some one decided to shoot up at plaza bonita mall.” But, again, there was no shooting.

Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall is located in National City, California.

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