Roman Cambell: Viral Video Shows Koreatown Brawl in New York

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Roman Cambell is a former Swiss banking site director who is the subject of a viral video recorded during an incident at a Koreatown restaurant in New York City.

According to the New York Post, Cambell was fired from his job at Credit Suisse after being accused of assaulting a waiter during the “bizarre brawl” at the restaurant. You can watch the video later in this article.

The couple’s daughter sent it viral by posting it to her Instagram page.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Couple’s Daughter Wrote, ‘Our Waiter’s Forehead Was Bleeding’

The couple’s daughter shared surveillance camera video of the incident to her Instagram page. She wrote:

My parents work 7 days a week and they haven’t taken a vacation in 6 years. When the cops came they just talked to the guy and walked away. Our waiter’s forehead was bleeding after the guy hit his head. He grabbed my moms phone to break it and he didn’t get charged for anything. EDIT: the waiter that got assaulted is not Asian. He is Hispanic.

She shared a screenshot of Cambell and wrote, “This person needs to be held accountable.”

The video shows the man talking to a waiter before getting into a scuffle with employees in the back of the restaurant.

Her video captions say:

He started recording my mom when she explained that the bathroom was for customers only. Once she started recording him, he tried snatching her phone. He forced his way into the back of the restaurant and refused to leave. Our waiter tried pushing him out, but the guy turned around and beat our waiter up. He then grabbed my mom’s phone and threw it on the floor to get rid of any recordings of it. The cops eventually came but did not arrest him or charge him for anything.

The couple’s daughter later posted an update. It reads,

I’ve gotten a few messages saying that Roman Cambell has been officially fired from Credit Suisse…Thankfully, the NYPD are reviewing this case again. With that being said, my family and I want to thank everyone again for all the support. We truly appreciate everyone for reaching out and helping us find Cambell. We wouldn’t have found him without you all.

She also wrote that he previously worked at “UBS.” Cambell’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages are deleted.

Cambell Denied Wrongdoing

roman cambell

InstagramRoman Cambell

Cambell denied wrongdoing to The Post. “Cambell, a Columbia University grad who has since removed his Linkedin profile, denied wrongdoing and claimed he was provoked after the waiter sprained his thumb,” the news site reported.

RocketReach says he was “Vice President – Technology, Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking @ Credit Suisse” and went to Warwick Business School. He’s listed as associated with Credit Suisse Securities.

Restaurant owner Jane Yi told The Post that the brawl ignited at Shanghai Mong. Cambell is “a media and info services director for Credit Suisse,” the news site reported.

He “stumbled into” the restaurant on West 32nd Street early in the morning of June 4 and asked to use the bathroom, Yi told The Post. When she said only customers could use it, he’s accused of growing “belligerent” and recording her with a cell phone, according to The Post.

“When you see the video, there are 10 people walking in behind him,” said Yi’s husband, Tora, to the Post. “They are my friends. They’re my customers, and they all left without ordering. Who wants to come into a restaurant when something like that is happening?”

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