‘Tangmo Nida’ Dead: Body of Nida Patcharaveerapong Found

tangmo nida dead

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Tangmo Nida was a Thai actress whose real name was Nida Patcharaveerapong and whose body has been pulled from a river.

What was her cause of death? Her cause of death will be determined after an autopsy. However, according to Bangkok Post, she fell from a speedboat into the river. Her body was found two days later, on Saturday, February 27, 2022, “floating in the Chao Phraya River near the Pibul Songkhram 1 pier in Nonthaburi,” the site reported.

The death of the actress, known as “Tangmo,” was confirmed by her brother, Dayos Detjob, who had helped look for her, according to Bangkok Post.

She is on Instagram as @melonp.official. Her last post on Instagram showed her in Phuket, Thailand, on a beach. “The sun set to rise again,” the caption reads. A comment writer wrote under that post, “You’re a very strong person. I’m waiting for you to come back and post on ig.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Actress Went to the Back of the Boat to Go to the Bathroom, Reports Say

According to Bangkok Post, the actress’s body was found only about “one kilometre” from where she fell from the speedboat on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

The actress, 37, was on the speedboat with five other people, according to Bangkok Post, and she was traveling “from the Krung Thon Bridge in Bangkok to the Rama VII Bridge in Nonthaburi.” It was about 10 p.m. when she fell into the river, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper reported that she was sitting on the back of the boat and wasn’t wearing a life preserver. According to the newspaper, she went to the back of the boat to go to the bathroom because the boat’s toilet didn’t work.

Her mother TPanida Sirayutthayothin said, according to Straits Times, “Someone might not have been pleased Tangmo was there.” Tangmo was the actress’s nickname.

According to Straits Times, Patcharaveerapong was an entertainment figure in Thailand for 20 years, and was also a beauty pageant model. She starred in television drama The Fallen Leaf (2019).

Charges May Be Filed Against the Boat’s Owner & Driver, Reports Say

According to ThaiPBSWorld, police say the owner and skipper of the speed boat “may face charges of causing death by negligence.”

The site added that Tanupat Lerttaweewit, the owner of the speed boat, “may face a charge of using a speed boat with an expired license.” The driver, a man named Bert, “may face a charge of driving a boat without a license,” the site reported.

The site reported that Tanupat was “asked why it took him so long to report to the police,” but said he was still in shock, noting that passengers did not wear life preservers because they did not know where they were stored.

“We are very sorry, we are saddened by the incident,” he said, according to ThaiPBSWorld.

The hashtag #แตงโม trended on Twitter as people expressed grief about Tangmo’s untimely death.

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