WATCH: Was Biden Booed During the Super Bowl’s Moment of Silence?

Getty President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden speak via telecommunication prior to a game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Some Super Bowl viewers are saying that President Joe Biden was booed by individuals in the crowd during his moment of silence just before the Super Bowl began. Others are saying they can’t hear the boos, only the general sounds of the crowd. You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Some Viewers Say You Can Hear the Boos If You Put on Headphones

One video showing the moment is included below.

The moment happened when Biden and First Lady Jilly Biden appeared on the video board just before Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7. They thanked healthcare workers in their video, and then Biden asked for a moment of silence to remember all the people in America whose lives were lost to the pandemic.

Not everyone took part in the moment of silence, however, and you can clearly hear sounds from the crowd during that moment. Some viewers say that you can hear boos in the midst of all the noise.

A YouTube viewer wrote in response to people who said they couldn’t hear the boos: “Put on headphones, you can hear it clearly.”

Another person replied: “Wow you’re right. I barely heard it then I put in my headphones.”

Another commenter wrote: “I can’t hear it clearly, but seeing the football players reaction says it all, they were surprised to hear boos.”

When Biden called for a moment of silence, he told the crowd: “Now as we thank you and all of our essential workers, let’s remember we all can do our part to save lives. Wear masks, stay socially-distanced, get tested, get vaccinated when it’s your turn, and most of all let’s remember all those who we’ve lost. So please join us, the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the National Football League in a moment of silence for the more than 440,000 Americans who lost their lives in this pandemic and for their loved ones who are left behind.”

Many people in the stands definitely didn’t abide by the moment of silence request.

Some viewers were absolutely positive that they could hear Biden being booed.

Not everyone could hear the boos.

Some people who did hear boos were angrier about people booing a moment of silence for those who had died. One person wrote on Twitter: “He was ‘booed‘ for asking people to take a moment of silence for the 400,000+ people who have lost their lives this year. The disrespect goes further than people not liking Biden.” 

Biden said that during the Super Bowl, he called watch parties hosting U.S. troops to thank them for their service, reported. He said he called parties in Afghanistan and people on the USS Nimitz in the Middle East.

Trump Had Moments When He Was Booed During His Presidency Too

Former President Donald Trump also had some moments where he was booed. One was during the 2019 World Series when he attended in person and appeared on the video board. Some people could be heard yelling, “Lock him up!”

Not every moment was as clear though. In November 2019 when he attended an MMA fight, boos could be heard when he arrived at Madison Square Garden. But people who were at the event said he was cheered too, maybe even more than he was booed. There were conflicting videos depending on the person’s point of view. You can see Heavy’s story about it here.

In January 2020, Trump received an enthusiastic ovation from the crowd at the college football national championship game.

You can read Heavy’s coverage of that moment here.

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