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9 Best Down Booties: Which Are Right For You?

Effectively insulating your feet in the outdoors during the coldest time of year can be a challenge, and oftentimes even the toastiest socks or slippers just don’t cut it. Down jackets and pants offer remarkable warmth for their weight and are recognized as some of the best insulating tools – so why not utilize down for your extremities?

The insulating power of a pair of down booties will ensure your feet and toes remain comfortable no matter how dramatically low temperatures drop, so whether you’re seeking a camp shoe for your outdoor pursuits or a stay at home slipper for casual wear, our top list of down booties has tracked down an option for you.

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Down Insulation is Amazing!

The insulating power of both synthetic and natural down is truly remarkable. There is nothing quite like it when it comes to weight vs. warmth, so if you ceaselessly run cold, consider adding various down garments to your wardrobe.

To learn more about the heat-trapping ability of down insulation and the pros and cons of synthetic vs. natural down, then be sure to check out this piece by the Geeky Camper

Down Jackets

A trusty down jacket is perhaps the ultimate staple in a cold-weather gear locker. When the mercury really drops there's no better option for keeping your body heat closely trapped. With a wide range of ultralight and especially insulated options on the market, there's a down jacket for every cold weather application. You can check out some of our favorite options here.

Down Pants

Many outdoorsmen and women have yet to realize the value (or even the existence!) of down-insulated pants. While down has been traditionally utilized for vests and jackets, why not give your bottom half the same level of toasty insulation?

Down pants are perfect for wear underneath snow gear and fishing waders to name a few technical applications and are totally awesome for hangouts at virtually any cold campsite. Also remember how compressible down garments are, allowing you to pack a pair of down pants into an already full backpacking pack!

Our top list has highlighted all of our favorite options.

Down Camping Blankets

While you may already own and love a cozy camping blanket, if it's not insulated with natural or synthetic down, you're missing out! Outdoor-approved blankets that utilize down insulation pack FAR more compact than wool or cotton, and provide a dramatically higher level of warmth. Rumpl is an industry-leading brand most definitely worth checking out, but be sure to check out our list of the best camping blankets for a variety of stellar options!

Heated Socks

Heated garments are another brilliant solution to combatting the cold if you truly struggle to stay warm in the field. Your extremities are always the first to get chilly, so if you don't think a pair of down booties are going to cut it for you, perhaps a pair of battery-powered heated socks from our top list will pair nicely!

Heated Insoles

Another approach to keeping one's feet toasty, heated insoles offer potent underfoot warmth at the press of a button. They may or may not be compatible with your down booties (due to the lack of a solid sole on some models), but offer another route to ensuring warm feet during the coldest of conditions. 

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