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15 Best Cheap Dog Beds: Compare, Buy & Save

We have compiled a list of top-rated, relatively cheap beds with different size options. Dog owners know that bed prices escalate quickly when looking at large or orthopedic dog beds. Discover great, reasonably priced places for your dog to lounge. Here are our picks for the best cheap dog beds.

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What are the Best Dog Beds?

In compiling options for this post, we wanted to find dog beds where most of the sizes were available for under $40, and all under $70.

The primary issue when shopping for dog beds is that dogs are just not very kind to the places they sleep. Unlike humans, dogs consistently walk on their beds, including the custom of walking in a circle a number of times before laying down, which dates back to their prehistoric ancestors.

If your dogs are anything like mine, they'll also dig a bit before laying down, in an attempt to fluff up the cushion. Add to that the fact that dogs don't get bathe daily and it's easy to understand why dog beds wear out so quickly.

When I got my two younger dogs, my older dog didn't mind sharing most of his toys or his space with the new gusy, but there was one thing he refused to share: his dog bed. The older pup is about the laziest dog on the planet, to the point that I drag his bed back and forth from the bedroom to the office every day so he has someplace comfortable to lay that's near me.

If you're like us and you try not to let your dog on the furniture (okay, maybe not consistently), you'll want to give your dog a place of their own to relax. As I recently re-discovered, however, dog beds are weirdly expensive. The search for a new bed for the new dog inspired more research than I was really planning on doing. Every store I went to had plenty of options for around $70, but almost nothing on offer below that.

To that end, keeping the cost low is a good idea. While the best beds tend to be something in the orthopedic dog bed category, there are still many options available that can do the job well.

You want to get something that strikes the balance of providing proper support without being so expensive as to break the bank every time you go to replace them. Cheap dog beds aren't the best of the best, but they are solid options that almost anyone can afford.

Pricing can really be a problem for those of us with larger dogs. Even my three 60-75 pound pups would be considered medium sized by some - my sister-in-law has two dogs over 100 pounds - and yet they definitely prefer large or extra large dog beds.

The price really escalates once you reach a certain size, as smaller breeds can easily use smaller cat beds, which means there's a wider variety of options and price points available to them. I eventually settled on the Furhaven Orthopedic Cradle Beds on the list above, which hits the mark perfectly for my larger dogs. Our list provides plenty of other options to consider for your specific pup.

Can Dog Beds Be Washed?

Washing your dog bed can extend the life of your purchase. Many of the beds on our list feature either removeable covers or are thin enough that they can be washed as a whole.

If you opt for a larger bed with a foam structure, it's very rarely recommended to wash those as the machine could tear the foam apart. Usually you're safe to put a dog bed cover in the dryer, but occasionally, this can warp the zipper, so air drying is the safest bet.

If you want the ability to keep it clean by tossing it in the washing machine, be sure to choose one of the options with a removable cover. This will help keep your dog cleaner, too.

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