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14 Best Bird Toys: The Ultimate List

Between my experience of owning an African grey, having chinchillas, and my three dogs, I’ve learned that choosing good toys is actually kind of difficult. There seems to be a matrix of toy interest: you want something durable enough that you don’t have to clean up after it every five minutes nor replace it everyday, but not so tough that your pet can’t satisfy their urge for destruction. As you shop, keep in mind your bird’s beak size and bite strength, as well as the size of their cage (larger bird cages can hold larger toys) so you can choose appropriate toys. Here are the best bird toys to keep your parrots, cockatoos and other small birds occupied.

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Unlike their free-roaming counterparts, caged creatures are even more reliant on a consistently refreshed set of toys for entertainment. Dogs and cats can move around the house (or the neighborhood or the dog park) and make their own fun. Our caged critters are at the mercy of what we put in their little world to keep them stimulated.

Of course, the trade-off is that a very bored dog or cat has far more opportunities to destroy your house, which is why we still spend plenty on things like stimulating dog toys and interactive cat toys. Those things are just as important, but they're supplemental to other activities and the freedom to roam.

Anyone who has ever had a parrot can tell you that they, too, are capable of destroying your home. My timneh African grey once pulled every single button off an Apple keyboard because I'd forgotten to close his cage correctly before hastily leaving the house. Still, compared to say, a husky puppy, our bird companions primarily reside in cages and, in my experience at least, generally wreak less havoc in your home.

But then, that's kind of strange, isn't it? Cats and dogs are plenty smart, but certainly nowhere near as intelligent as birds on the whole. Keeping a creature that smart and curious in cage virtually ensures that they'll get bored. While your puppy will get the daily experience of a walk to liven things up, the vast majority of our pet birds will require a wide variety of toys to make things interesting.

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